Huawei unveils its first digital human

By Wesley Diphoko Time of article published Sep 24, 2021

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The Huawei Connect 2021 conference opened yesterday with Eric Xu, Huawei rotating chairperson, delivering a keynote speech on “Innovating Non-stop for Faster Digitalisation” that included the launch of Huawei Cloud UCS. At the conference, Huawei Cloud’s first virtual digital person, “Yun Sheng” appeared. Sheng has just joined Huawei as a new employee. (“Sheng” is a traditional Chinese musical instrument.)

It is understood that this is the first virtual digital person that Huawei has created based on the digital content production line through AI’s automatic modelling, AI’s voice drive, and AI’s rendering acceleration.

Zhang Pingan, president of the consumer cloud service for Huawei’s Consumer Business group, said that “Yun Sheng” had already joined Huawei Cloud as a new employee. The company has not disclosed much more information about “Yun Sheng”.

The virtual person resembles a real human, and amazingly it has been designed with the natural characteristics of humans.

The digital virtual human is powered by artificial intelligence that provides conversation between virtual humans to humans and AI to AI. Virtual humans can quickly attach to the digital mind to share virtual wisdom (chatbot and NLP). It can interact using both verbal and non-verbal communication. It is able to detect tone of voice, facial expressions, and human gestures.

The virtual person joins Huawei Cloud four years into its development. Huawei Cloud has attracted 2.3 million developers, 14 000 consulting partners, 6 000 technical partners, and released 4 500 Marketplace products. Huawei Cloud has become an important platform for internet companies and organisations to go digital. More enterprises have joined hands with Huawei Cloud to embrace digitalisation. Emergencias, a top medical service company in Argentina, used Huawei Cloud for remote diagnosis and treatment. Wuliangye, a renowned brand for Chinese baijiu, underwent total digital transformation with Huawei Cloud, from brewing and distribution to sales. Conch Cement also deployed its IT system on Huawei Cloud and built a smart factory and greener industry through collaboration on technological innovation, including 5G, cloud, and AI.

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