Makhosazana Shelembe. Picture: Twitter
Makhosazana Shelembe. Picture: Twitter

KZN organiser scraps plans for MaShelembe’s provincial baby shower

By Se-Anne Rall Time of article published Sep 20, 2021

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Durban – The provincial baby shower organised for Makhosazana "MaShelembe" Shelembe has been called off. The event was due to take place at the Durban Botanic Gardens on Sunday.

MaShelembe made headlines last week on an episode of Mnakwethu, where her husband revealed he had paid lobola for his mistress who was expecting his child.

Moved by MaShelembe's story, former journalist and social justice activist Ncumisa Ndelu contacted MaShelembe and offered a day of spoils.

Ndelu told IOL last week that during the call, MaShelembe revealed she was pregnant and the day of spoils turned into a weekend retreat culminating in a massive baby shower on September 26 where people could also drop off gifts for mother and baby. This included travel to Durban from Nquthu in a luxury vehicle, complete with a weekend of pampering – sponsored by generous donors.

However, on Monday, Ndelu took to social media to announce that the event had been cancelled.

Ndelu said a second baby shower had been arranged on the same day.

"On Friday afternoon she informed me that another baby shower was being planned but reassured me that she would attend the Durban baby shower because I had approached her first. I proceeded with the plan. This morning I requested the name of a school closest to her to enable the driver to find her easily. At this point, she informed me that on Friday she will be travelling to Empangeni. I then asked how this was possible because we had agreed on the weekend and everything it entailed," Ndelu said.

She said MaShelembe asked if she had been in contact with the lady, known as Nomfundo, arranging the baby shower and was sent her contact details.

She spoke to the woman who said their date could not be changed.

Ndelu said after a later conversation with the other organiser, she decided to cancel the baby shower.

"Makhosi is pregnant. I did not and do not want to be the cause or part of the cause of undue emotional or physical stress to her by putting her in an uncomfortable position. Although I was the first to come up with the idea, I spoke to Nomfundo, hoping we could reach an agreement that could accommodate both plans to avoid the point in number 1. This did not happen. To avoid any conflict or perception of conflict I decided to withdraw from the situation," Ndelu said.

“These past few days I have learnt with such pride that as South Africans we are a kind, compassionate and generous people and that is what I am taking from this experience. I am humbled by the response from ordinary women and women who hold positions of power who reached out personally (I did not speak to a single PA) because they, too, were touched as women. It’s such humility that distinguishes real leaders from the rest.

“My appreciation goes especially to the women and men in business who came forward voluntarily, asking for nothing in return. There are too many to mention both in KZN and Gauteng.

“I wish Makhosi all the best and may this love shown to her by the whole country carry her on her journey,” Ndelu said.


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