WATCH: Man proposes to girlfriend at Spur in sweet, heartwarming TikTok video

If you are planning to propose, consider a restaurant. l PEXELS/LUKE MILLER

If you are planning to propose, consider a restaurant. l PEXELS/LUKE MILLER

Published Jun 10, 2024


A tip for would-be grooms and brides: If you are planning to propose, think Spur.

That is what a South African man did. His proposal, at a table at the restaurant, was captured and posted it to social media. And suddenly the country is joining in on their joy.

In the video, the restaurant staff are seen carrying a board with the words, “Will You Marry Me”, sparkling ice cream dessert, and rejoicing and screaming with excitement.

The man went down on one knee and popped the question to his speechless soon-to-be wife. She said, “Yes”, to his proposal.

Reposted by @karynmaughan X, she wrote in the caption: “A South African marriage proposal at the Spur! Love this!!!”

The video has been viewed over 40 000 times since the time of publication.

In the comment section, one user wrote: “Even if she wanted to say no there was no way. That pressure from pre-celebrations is wild (laughing face emojis).”

A second user wrote: “Great stuff. Good news for a change. Tired now with self-centred SA politics.”

A third commented: “Ohh wowwww this is so sweet. Congratulations.”

A fourth tagged Spur restaurant and asked: “Are we getting a South African Spur wedding?”

While a fifth said: “Congratulations to them and we’re definitely not contributing anything, the economy is bad.”

This comes after Mzansi came through for one couple, who got engaged at KFC in 2019.

After KFC posted a video of the “mystery” couple that got engaged at one of their stores in the country, a massive search was done, and one user who goes by @alphi_s located the couple who wanted to have a small wedding ceremony because of a tight budget.

But South Africans quickly offered to help Mr Kansi and his wife-to-be to have a remarkable wedding.

If you are also looking to go down on one knee soon and at a restaurant, here’s what you should consider before proposing.

Tell the restaurant

If this is a place you usually frequent, call the manager or stop by and visit your favourite server and give them a heads-up. You don't want to spend your magical evening stuck at a table by the bathroom.

A cosy, corner table would be ideal. Getting seated off to the side also helps prevent your future public embarrassment in case she does not answer in the affirmative.

Consider customising the menu

If you connect with the manager in advance, you may be able to request a special meal.

You can also make sure the bartender is ready to pop your preferred bottle of bubbly or mix up your signature cocktail as soon as they see you and your partner sporting that just-engaged glow.

Decide if you want to propose before or after dinner

There's a debate about whether proposing before or after dinner is the best idea but we think you should go with what feels right to you. If you propose before chowing down, you can enjoy a celebratory meal and not worry about seeming nervous throughout dinner.

There are pros to proposing after dinner too. You have more time to calm your nerves, can propose during dessert as a sweet ending to the night, and can immediately share the good news with loved ones once you've finished your meal.