With the rise in cases, staying protected when you travel is a must. Picture: Pixabay
With the rise in cases, staying protected when you travel is a must. Picture: Pixabay

Third wave travel: here's how to stay safe this weekend

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Jul 2, 2021

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I will admit, venturing out during the third wave is daunting. And, the rise in Covid-19 infections certainly doesn't help my anxiety.

Whenever I go out, usually to get the essentials, I come home to shower, wash my hands way too many times and sanitise for good measure. Once in a while, my wanderlust takes over, and I plan trips safely.

Travel stirs up something in the soul and makes you feel good about yourself. When you do it cautiously, there isn't anything you should worry about.

With the rise in cases, staying protected is a must. When venturing out, take the basics. During the third wave, wear a double mask, if you can. Your essentials should include an extra mask (in case you lose it, as I am prone to do very often), sanitiser, cleaning wipes, and gloves.

Most people are weirded out when they see how many times I sanitise. You can never be too cautious, right?

Once you've packed your essentials, you are ready to venture out.

Try to stick to road trips for now and explore your area. Stay away from large crowds and opt for open spaces. National parks, nature reserves, parks and cabins with social distance activities are always great options. Pre-book activities where you can.

Don't get sidetracked

As Tshifhiwa Tshivhengwa, chief executive of the Tourism Business Council of South Africa (TBCSA), says, there are no risks associated with travel.

He told IOL Travel last week that travelling was safe as long as you adhere to all the Covid-19 regulations.

However, he said, many people were meeting in large groups and not adhering to regulations.

If you are venturing out with people, limit it to three or four people. When out exploring, ensure that you keep a 2m distance from others. Opt for video memories rather than taking close photos together.

Now that restaurants are offering takeaways during adjusted level 4, it provides the perfect opportunity to scout cool picnic spots, away from the manic crowds.

If you find that attractions are too full, way beyond their capacity, leave. I usually do some research online on the places I visit before I visit. The reviews don't lie.

Lastly, have fun.

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