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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

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HONOR 50 offers the best Vlogging features on the market

Published Dec 9, 2021


Imagine you’re on a trip and you’ve arrived at the beach to witness an evening sunset. Observing a mix of stunning reds and oranges on the horizon you want to capture this moment to share with friends and family on social media.

You take a few videos, but you can’t seem to choose the right angles to shoot with and you don’t have professional equipment so the video quality isn’t as high as it could be.

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And that’s not all as the editing is so complicated you end up posting an overexposed shot that does little to capture the beauty of what you witnessed. At the back of your mind, you know your challenges could be resolved by an ideal phone. All the while you wish you had a better phone that functioned for your vlogging needs.

Unfortunately, due to limited devices that are custom designed for vlogging such moments are lost forever especially when users are beginning their vlogging journey.

Short-form videos have rapidly grown in popularity in recent years with millions of young people eager to vlog their travel, lifestyle, and hobbies. Platforms like TikTok have only increased this desire and with 85% of users spending their time watching, taking, and sharing video, we can only expect this to grow. In fact, by 2022 over 82% of internet traffic will be video-led content.

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Despite this trend, many everyday consumers are not empowered with fit-for-purpose tools such as easy-to-carry quality cameras and relevant editing software.

It is for this reason that the new HONOR 50 smartphone has been created, to provide a one-take 5G vlogging experience. The new device was carefully created based on market research to craft the go-to vlogging companion with an easy-to-use interface, advanced hardware, and software.

HONOR begins its thrilling new journey by introducing the new HONOR 50 to make the lives of vloggers and aspiring creators easier with the power of innovative technology. There is no longer any need to fumble with your smartphone to get the shot you want or for you to have any previous knowledge in content creation.

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The HONOR 50 is like having your very own film and editing crew in the palm of your hand guiding you through the entire vlogging process from shooting and editing to posting online.

This is possible because the HONOR 50 leads you step-by-step with a host of advanced features that include 6 multi-video modes for any scenario and easy one-stop vlog making. Unlike other smartphone brands that focus more attention on their cameras, every element of the HONOR 50 is crafted to solve the most common challenges users face and help them now and, in the future, to create the most compelling vlog content.

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Imagine you have an idea for a great video to show the world where you live and your daily experiences but are limited because of the equipment you have. The HONOR 50 brings you a whole new experience by solving this issue with six filming modes that use different combinations of the front and back cameras simultaneously.

Or suppose you’re having dinner with a friend and want to shoot the moment your extravagant desserts arrive. With the front/rear camera all you must do is prop up the HONOR 50 and it will film both of your reactions at the same time.

How about if you are working on your yoga but aren’t sure if you’re doing the positions correctly? The rear/rear provides a wide and closer view simultaneously so you can shoot your workout and send it to your instructor to check your form.

The HONOR 50 does end with the process of capturing the imaging, it is there throughout the whole process including editing. The HONOR 50 simplifies this process with 9 story mode templates.

Each mode is set to a certain lifestyle story, with guided scenes and copyright-free music so users can follow HONOR 50 story templates or branch out and confidently create their own. It also features a beauty mode and can capture photos from video, enabling users to quickly upload thumbnails with their videos.

These modes would not be as effective without the HONOR 50’s outstanding quad camera setup. If you have ever felt your vlogging was being held back because your smartphone camera was not powerful enough, that is no longer a concern. The HONOR 50’s setup includes a 108MP main camera that supports high resolution and 6x zooms for videos so you can shoot in clarity from a distance in 4K.

There is also an 8MP Wide-Angle Camera, a 2MP Bokeh Camera, and a 2MP Macro Camera. A 32MP 90o wide-angle camera on the front of the phone lets you capture more people and scenery in videos making it ideal for establishing shots.

A frustration for many vloggers is that most of the smartphones that use powerful cameras are limited by their battery. It is common for many creators to end up missing great shots because their smartphone’s battery ran out meaning they also cannot share their videos until the device is recharged.

The HONOR 50 has a large battery that supports the 66W Supercharge function so you can power from 3% to 70% in just 20 minutes with the original charger and charging cables. This enables users to experiment with their creativity no matter where they are and create stunning videos.

As vlogging continues to grow in popularity, more and more new people are choosing to share their experiences of life with others on social media. Once this required an expensive camera setup and knowledge of videography but with the HONOR 50 creators can complete every vlogging task within one device.

With its powerful camera setup and features as well as long battery life and stunning display, the HONOR 50 is the ideal choice for vloggers old and new. To start vlogging all you have to do is find something that catches your eye and start shooting. It’s as simple as that.

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