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Friday, May 27, 2022

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Non-invasive aesthetic facial treatments that can slow down ageing

There are several non-invasive aesthetic facial treatments can slow down ageing. Picture: cottonbro from Pexels

There are several non-invasive aesthetic facial treatments can slow down ageing. Picture: cottonbro from Pexels

Published Jan 19, 2022


Growing up is part of life. And the more we grow, the more we change.

The changes to our bodies that we see on the outside are proof that we have lived, hence ageing is just another word for living.

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Dr Sheryl Smithies believes that we have the power to enhance our natural beauty and soften the ageing process so that our external image reflects our inner beauty.

“While the gradual changes in our physiology that begin at age 25 are inevitable, the preventative steps we can take to slow the ageing progress are optional.

“Taking good care of your skin from the beginning is essential to ageing gracefully but may not be enough on its own.

Dr Sheryl Smithies. Picture: Supplied

“Luckily, there are therapies to boost collagen in response to the natural loss of elasticity.

“And procedures that can hydrate skin to elevate vibrancy and moisture levels, offsetting dullness and dryness,” she says.

Here are her top 3 tips on how to look younger for longer.

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Juvéderm fillers

These are injectables used to correct deep folds and wrinkles. The fillers sculpt and support facial tissues and skin to create a youthful look, and on the body, they are used to rejuvenate and hydrate the skin.


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It is an injection that uses botulinum toxin, which causes facial muscles to relax. During each procedure, target muscles are injected with the toxin. Results can be seen as early as three days after treatment with the final effect settling in at 10 days.

These injections are most effective as a preventative measure in the late twenties but can be used later in life to treat wrinkles.

Aptos threads

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Some Aptos threads contain hyaluronic acid. These threads are inserted under the skin and attached to soft tissue on the face to stimulate collagen growth, condition the skin and lift sagging skin, mitigating the effects of gravity.

NB: Please go to a trusted and certified aesthetic doctor for these procedures. Do not try them at home or at a back-door clinic.

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