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Thursday, May 26, 2022

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How to prevent embarrassing stinky body odour

Bad body odour can be embarrassing. Picture: Pexels

Bad body odour can be embarrassing. Picture: Pexels

Published Jan 12, 2022


It’s January and we’re in the thick of summer.

The days are long and hot and while we can try our best to stay cool, there’s no escaping the heat when we’re out and about.

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While a dip in the ocean or a quick cool shower can bring temporary relief, sticky sweaty skin is almost unavoidable.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with sweating. Sweating is your body’s way to protect you from overheating.

Even though it is perfectly natural, it’s often associated with body odour.

Smelly body odour can cause embarrassment and be unpleasant for those around you.

Using antiperspirant helps. Picture: Pixabay

Here’s how you can prevent bad BO.

Back to basics

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No amount of antiperspirant, deodorant or perfume will cover up smelly armpits if you haven’t in fact washed! Soap and water is your first line of defence against the dreaded stink. Better yet, opt for antibacterial soap.

Defuzz your armpits

By removing hair in areas like your armpits, it reduces the space for bacteria to grow. Bad odour is caused by bacteria. The hair prevents the antiperspirant from absorbing into the skin and being effective.

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All dried up

Odour-causing bacteria love damp areas. Be sure to dry yourself thoroughly with a clean towel before applying any products or getting dressed.

Antiperspirant with deodorant

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The antiperspirant is what reduces excessive sweat. Allow your antiperspirant to absorb and dry before spraying your deodorant.

Pay attention to what you eat

How do you know that someone has eaten garlic for supper the night before or downing rum and cokes? You can smell it on their skin. Try and avoid smelly foods to prevent that morning-after stink.

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