I have a full place setting, said Mulroney in her post. Picture: @jessicamulroney/Instagram
I have a full place setting, said Mulroney in her post. Picture: @jessicamulroney/Instagram

Is Meghan Markle’s ex-BFF taking a swipe at royal family with her choice of dinnerware?

By Marchelle Abrahams Time of article published Sep 9, 2021

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The Duchess of Sussex’s former BFF may have won the internet after revealing she has the “full place setting” from a Canadian designer who creates dinnerware featuring Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s image and the words “Hail Satan”.

Jessica Mulroney took to Instagram this week to share an image of a girl holding a chicken and the words “People are c****” from the designer Wolf Dottir.

Wolf Dottir makes subversive and irreverent pieces made from repurposed antique china.

“What you would buy for your gran, if today was opposite day and her sitting room was in hell,” her website says.

One piece in particular that has gained much attention shows the senior royal and her late husband the Duke of Edinburgh with blacked-out eyes alongside the words: “Hail Satan”.

Mulroney’s choice of dinnerware seems to have caused quite a stir online because closer inspection of Dottir’s online store and Instagram page reveals the plate in question was removed.

According to the Daily Mail, the item costs $150 (about R2 100) and is described online as the 'Hail Satan Royals' plate.

Mulroney did not mention if she has the ’Hail Satan Royals’ plate in her collection, but we’re guessing she’s relishing the secret if she does. She has been very outspoken in her distrust of the British royal family.

One plate that has remained is one depicting Diana, the late Princess of Wales with the words “Hail Satin.”

Mulroney and Meghan Markle were best friends before she wed Prince Harry; the Duchess even asked her to be in her wedding party.

However, things soured between the two soon afterwards.

In June this year, the fashion stylist posted a cryptic message on her IG stories, saying: “Life changes. You lose friends. You lose pieces of yourself that you never imagined would be gone … And then, without even realising it, these pieces come back.

“New love enters. Better friends come along. And a stronger, wiser you, is staring back in the mirror.”

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