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Sunday, May 22, 2022

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If you’re a chocoholic but trying to quit the decadent treat, opt for this instead

Opt for dark chocolate. Picture: Pexels

Opt for dark chocolate. Picture: Pexels

Published Jan 14, 2022


Oprah Winfrey recently posted a video on Instagram of herself throwing out leftover birthday cake saying, “Today is the day. Day One starts now!”

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Like so many people who believe in making new year’s resolutions and setting themselves goals for the year ahead, Oprah’s “eat healthy” plan is one so many can relate to.

The first item that usually gets scratched off the food list is the sweet treats chocolate being number one on that list.

Unfortunately, going off chocolate isn’t easy. I mean who doesn’t love chocolate! I’m craving chocolate just looking at the word.

While chocolate might be a naughty treat, dark chocolate is a great option for those wanting to ease their way off.

Dark chocolate is the preferred option because it contains higher levels of cocoa and less sugar.

Research also shows that dark chocolate can help you control consumption after you eat.

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The tolerance you have for chocolate can change in any direction you wish.

Here’s how you do it:

Start with a chocolate that’s a little darker than you’re used to. Dark chocolate is an acquired taste and Lindt Excellence has many ways to make the journey pleasurable.

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The portfolio consists of a variety of cocoa rates that increase gradually in cocoa percentage (70%, 78%, 85%, 90% and 99%). These delicately thin bars promise to excite the senses with their complex flavour and aromatic profiles.

Lindt Excellence dark chocolates. Picture: Supplied

Start with the lowest percentage, 70%, and stay at that level until your tastebuds adapt (one to two weeks, depending on how affected your sweet tooth is), then move up again. In this way, you’re basically taking your own brain by the lobes and using the principles of gustatory habituation to move its preferences in the direction you want.

This brain training technique translates to other foods as well, and you’ll start to favour other foods that have less sugar in them as well. You won’t want the sugary foods and snacks as much anymore.

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In this way, chocolate is not the problem for your sugar intake and excessive sweet tooth, it’s the solution.

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