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Friday, May 20, 2022

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It’s back to the dating pool as Big Ed is ghosted in season two of ‘The Single Life’

Big Ed on ‘The Single Life’. Picture: Supplied

Big Ed on ‘The Single Life’. Picture: Supplied

Published Jan 18, 2022


I am starting to think that “90 Day Fiancé” star Big Ed (real name Edward Allen Brown) is doomed to be alone.

Big Ed rose to fame in season four of “90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days”.

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After being trolled for his physical appearance - he has a short neck - he explained that he suffers from a rare genetic disorder called Klippel-Feil Syndrome, which is a condition that affects the development of the bones in the spine.

That did not stop viewers from continuing to troll him, but more for his eccentric grooming habits and dating faux pas.

His disastrous string of failed relationships started with Rosemarie “Rose” Vega, his 20-something girlfriend from the Philippines.

Aside from their chalk-and-cheese personalities, Rose walked away when Big Ed revealed he could not have children.

When it came to fallouts, these two had more than their fair share of upsets, with Big Ed pushing Rose to get an STD test and tactlessly addressing her bad breath and hairy legs.

Him slumming it at her home provided plenty of comic relief.

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In the tell-all episodes Rose went for the jugular with Big Ed. He tried to defend himself but was crucified by viewers.

However the backlash did not send him crawling back to his regular life. If anything, it spurred him to return in the spin-off series, “The Single Life”, much to the amusement of fans.

After consulting a dating coach to course-correct his history of failed romances, there was a glimmer of hope when he started dating Liz Wood, a young waitress and single mother. The two got engaged late last year.

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Big Ed got engaged to Liz Wood in season one of “The Single Life”. Picture: Supplied

Alas, that romance fizzled faster than the producers could say, “That’s a wrap!”

Not to be discouraged though, Big Ed is back in the second season of ’The Single Life’ and is pursuing the affections of Kaory, a single mother from Mexico.

The two were set up by Laura, a mutual friend.

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Not one to let an opportunity for love pass him by, Big Ed decided to visit Kaory. This time he was accompanied by his sweet mother and fur baby, Teddy.

Instead of wooing Kaory with extravagant gifts, which has been his modus operandi, he dialled it back with thoughtful gestures.

The poker-faced Kaory appreciated it but the communication barrier was not easy to navigate.

Coupled with the fact that there was zero chemistry, Big Ed’s determination to find “the one” left him looking the fool for the better part of season two.

His pushy nature did not sit well with Kaory either. “I feel love”, she admitted, but also asked him to allow things to be instead of having high expectations.

Her plea fell on deaf ears though and she angrily asked: “Can’t you just be quiet and let things happen.”

Thereafter, Kaory gave Big Ed the cold shoulder and did not budge on his last-ditch effort to salvage the relationship by inviting her on a romantic sunset cruise the next day.

And so another ship sails off in Big Ed’s search for love.

Ghosted and heartbroken, he remains hopeful of finding his perfect partner, if that teaser at the end of the season is anything to go by.

Oh boy, here we go again ... take four!

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