Pearl Thusi. Picture: Instagram
Pearl Thusi. Picture: Instagram

WATCH: Pearl Thusi talks about groove etiquette after horrible experience

By Jamal Grootboom Time of article published Sep 28, 2021

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Local actress Pearl Thusi was rocking in the streets like many others over the long weekend but was traumatised by some of the things that happened to her at groove.

The “Queen Sono” star went on IG live to share what seems deems groove etiquette following her weekend out and about, which included her grooving at Konka in Soweto, Johannesburg.

In the video, she revealed some of her pet peeves at groove, one of which was the sharing of a hubbly.

“We need to talk about hubbly in public spaces … If you’re not my friend and we’re in the club, please can you leave my hubbly alone? Don’t ask for it … Like yo, order your own hubbly. I’m so sorry to be ranting in the morning … but especially the n*****. Why are n***** hogging the hubbly? Actually, girls also don’t hog the hubbly. There’s a pandemic. ”

Pearl goes on to ask if it isn’t possible to have smaller hubblies at groove since the usual size ones take up a lot of space.

Furthermore, she said people, specifically girls, shouldn’t invite themselves to her table and then drink her alcohol. She was afraid to chase people away since it would end with her trending on Twitter, she added.

“Then there’s b****** who are like 'ahh can we sit with you?’ then bring six other b******. Now, my friends don’t have space … Now I’m scared to be rude next thing I’m trending on Twitter. Don’t invite yourself to my table.”

Pearl also shared that the sister of one girl who invited herself to her table, vomited into a bucket.

Ending the live video, she lists the things people shouldn’t do to her at groove when it comes to hubblies, her alcohol at groove and having space in her section.

Warning video contains strong language

Watch the full video below:

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