African tourism operator partners with European hotel group to capitalise on African travel

Dancers at the official opening of Tourism Travel Indaba at Inkosi Albert Luthuli Convention centre in Durban. Picture: Mbatha/Independent Media

Dancers at the official opening of Tourism Travel Indaba at Inkosi Albert Luthuli Convention centre in Durban. Picture: Mbatha/Independent Media

Published Apr 18, 2024


Africa has been experiencing significant growth in tourism and business travel in recent years, driven by factors such as improved infrastructure, rising middle-class population, and increased connectivity.

Africa will be the new growth frontier of global tourism, with tourism arrivals expected to reach 134 million in 2030 from the current 22 million - a six-fold growth.

International air connectivity and intra-regional and intra-Africa travel will drive airline volumes growth at an annual rate of 8% between now and 2030 compared to the global average of 4½%.

The collaboration between Rainbow Tourism Group (RTG), an African hotel company, and Grand Metropolitan Hotels (GMH), a leading European hotel company, could potentially be transformational for Africa’s hospitality industry.

By partnering with Grand Metropolitan Hotels, RTG will leverage their expertise, resources, and international network to expand its operations and capitalise on the projected growth potential in Africa's hospitality industry.

The partnership involves various aspects, which include management contracts in hotels across Africa, sharing of best practices in hotel management, marketing collaboration, cross-promotion of properties, as well as the establishment of a hospitality school in collaboration with Swiss Hotel School Lucerne, which is known for its global excellence in hospitality education.

By combining their strengths, RTG and Grand Metropolitan Hotels will enhance their competitiveness, attract a broader customer base, and create a unique value proposition in the African hospitality market.

Speaking at the launch, the Rainbow Tourism Group Chief Executive, Tendai Madziwanyika told journalists that “This partnership with Grand Metropolitan Hotels is a significant milestone. As RTG we intend to leverage the capabilities of world leaders in the industry. This partnership will not only benefit Zimbabwe, but the entire continent as we will impart best practices to our students. We want to raise the standards to world-class international standards”.

The CEO of Rainbow Tourism Group Tendai Madziwanyika, Board chairman of Rainbow tourism group Douglas Hoto and Martin Smura, Board chairman and president for Grand Metropolitan Hotels. Picture: Supplied

Overall, this partnership between RTG and Grand Metropolitan Hotels is poised to capitalise on the projected growth potential of Africa's hospitality industry. By leveraging their respective strengths, they will enhance their market presence and offer high-quality hotel experiences to cater to the evolving needs of travellers in the region.

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