Walk of Life team complete mission of love and hope in India

Garnered awareness for cancer and palliative care

Walk of Life team: Rotarian, Jagadish Deivanayagam, from left, Linga Naidoo, Mala Honnatti, Bala Gangiah, Jugga Naidoo, Vickey Reddy and Roger Chetty in Kochi, India. Picture: Supplied

Published Feb 1, 2024


The Walk of Life team, which left South African on January 17 to participate in a 10 day, 300km walkathon in India, has completed its mission of love and hope.

The Walkathon, which commenced in Kochi on January 19, ended in Kanyakumari on Sunday.

The initiative was hosted in conjunction with the India Cancer Society and the Rotary Clubs of India, and garnered awareness for cancer and palliative care.

The walk also served to generate funds for the Chatsworth Hospice, which depends on the generosity of sponsors and donors to sustain its service delivery objectives. All services are rendered free to patients.

The team, headed by cancer survivor, author and entrepreneur Bala Gangiah, endured the heat and unfamiliar terrain, challenging themselves to complete the endeavour.

"It was certainly no easy feat but the dedicated team raised the banner of Chatsworth Hospice even higher with their unstinting resilience and spirit of goodwill, motivating each other through a shared purpose and enjoying the camaraderie and unique bond they shared through their commitment to a noble and worthy cause," said Thilaga Pillay, President of Chatsworth Hospice.

"As the team walked their way from Kochi to Kanyakumari, they won hearts with their selfless gesture here at home as well as in India. Clad in their distinctive Walk of Life T-shirts and holding the now familiar banner, these inspirational individuals are the epitome of humanity.

"We at the Chatsworth Hospice are profoundly grateful to Bala and the rest of the team and are so inspired by their magnanimous gesture of selfless caring and commitment to the Chatsworth Hospice, and spreading awareness of Cancer and palliative care.

"The intrepid team will be taking a short, well-deserved break before heading home in the first week of February. We are so proud of the team and cannot wait to welcome them back home and share in the wonderful memories of this historic walkathon."

The Walk of Life initiative will continue with members of the community being able to pledge an amount per kilometer in support of the humanitarian work done by the Chatsworth Hospice. For further information, call Pavi at 031 403 2273.


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