Merebank teacher wins a whopping 10 medals at SA Masters swimming competition

Thilesh Rambalee

Thilesh Rambalee

Published Mar 27, 2024


Thilesh Rambalee recently won 10 medals at the 39th SA Masters Swimming Nationals 2024 in Johannesburg.

The 28-year-old, of Merebank, a teacher at PR Pather Secondary School, participated in 13 events and won one gold, three silver and six bronze medals.

Twenty-two clubs participated in the competition - 18 clubs were from South Africa and the others were from Namibia and Zimbabwe. There was also a group of participants from other countries that formed part of a foreign based group.

Rambalee, who belongs to the Synergy Masters Swimming Club, the only club from KwaZulu Natal that participated in the competition, said they were placed fourth among the South African clubs. The other countries were not included in the scoring system.

He said he hoped his success at the SA Masters would motivate more young people to pursue their dreams.

“I took part in the 25 to 29 year-old category and won three silver and five bronze medals across individual and relay pool events. I also won one gold medal for my individual performance and a bronze medal for a relay race in the dam events. I am pleased with my performance as I improved all my swim times,” said Rambalee.

"The experience was enjoyable and exciting. It had a more relaxed and friendly vibe than most national events. It was also inspirational to see the older master swimmers showcase their talent in the pool.”

He said he trained five times a week at the Virgin Active pool on the Bluff.

“I also participated in my seventh Midmar Mile in February. It was a good challenge mentally and physically in preparation for the SA Masters event."

Rambalee and other members of the Synergy Masters Club are currently preparing for next year's nationals, which will be held in KwaZulu-Natal after nine years.


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