‘Hammer killing’ - boyfriend back in court

‘Hammer killing’ - boyfriend back in court

‘Hammer killing’ - boyfriend back in court

Published Feb 16, 2024


The man accused of killing Vyaksha Sookdew, whose body was found decomposed in her home in Havenside on Christmas morning, appeared in the Chatsworth Magistrate's Court earlier today.

Sugendran Rodney Naicker's face was fully-covered with a black jacket when he entered court from the holding cells.

Sookdew's family sat in the gallery and watched as the man, believed to have been her boyfriend, made his third appearance in court.

Her decomposed body was found by police on Christmas Day after Naicker, 35, allegedly led them to her house; hours after he was nabbed by police for petrol theft from a fuel station in Bayview.

When her brother, Vithashk Sookdew, was taken to the scene in Havenside Drive by police, she was unrecognisable.

Her body was mangled and wrapped in black plastic municipal bin bags. The only way that Vithashk could recognise her was by her belly ring and clothing.

Vyaksha Sookdew

Sources close to the investigation said Naicker confessed to police and relayed how he hit Sookdew at the back of her head with a four-pound hammer following an argument.

His confession, however, came after he was arrested for fleeing from a petrol station. It is alleged he did not pay for the fuel he filled in his brother’s car on December 24.

Naicker, a married father of two, then returned to the petrol station with Sookdew's vehicle to purchase airtime; when the petrol attendant recognised him.

While in police custody for the fuel theft on Christmas eve, Naicker allegedly confessed to police that he killed Sookdew.

He led them to the outbuilding she rented in Havenside Drive.

Police were met with a stench when they arrived with Naicker. He allegedly pointed police in the direction of the bathroom, where the body was found. Sookdew suffered extensive injuries, including head injuries and broken limbs.

Magistrate Naresh Bika adjourned the case for further investigation.


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