Cell gift from a celeb

Published Jul 29, 2011


WHILE some some stars are known to be thrifty, a good number of them love to play Santa Clause and Hrithik Roshan certainly belongs to the more generous group of B-town celebs.

The actor recently gifted an assistant director of his upcoming film Agneepath an iPhone.

Why? Simply because she lost her phone during the movie’s shoot in Diu, India.

Said a source: “Bharati, the assistant director, must have left her mobile somewhere and in all the chaos someone must have takent it. When she realised it was missing, she looked all over for it, to no avail.” Needless to say the youngest of director Karan Malhotra's assistants was upset.

“She was extremely upset and everyone, including Hrithik noticed this,” recalled the source.

“Over the weekend Hrithik had to fly back to Mumbai for the dance reality television show Just Dance that he's judging. That's when he ordered a phone for Bharati. He even got it gift- wrapped for her.”

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