Some of the incidents involving the TRT

Published Apr 11, 2012


l Inanda, KwaZulu-Natal (March 24): Seven “criminals” allegedly shot dead by TRT members. Police later responded by saying they were in a life-threatening situation and acted within the framework of the law.

l Cape Town, Western Cape (February): Residents in Macassar, Heideveld and Manenberg laid multiple complaints with the Ipid against TRT members for breaking into homes without search warrants, beating up people and using tear gas during interrogations to get suspects to confess to crimes.

l Sebokeng, Gauteng (March): The Ipid investigating alleged police terrorism in the Vaal. TRT members reportedly stormed a tavern and ordered patrons to lie on the floor. Patrons were allegedly assaulted and the unit members also poured liquor over some. Patrons started throwing bottles at TRT members who in turn fired at them.

l Donnybrook, KZN (February 12): A group of TRT officers allegedly searched a group of young men before forcing them to do push-ups and run 10 laps around the premises of a shop.

l Farmgate, Creighton, KZN (February 12): TRT members burst into a tavern and allegedly ordered people to lie down, trampled on and assaulted them. Cyril Makhanya, 40, told The Sunday Independent he was bundled into a police car and taken to a disused factory and again assaulted. He was eventually dropped off on a deserted road, far from his home.

l Creighton, KZN (January 12): A licensed tavern operator, Timothy Maduna, claimed a group of TRT members burst into his tavern and, without provocation, assaulted patrons with sjamboks and sticks and broke his furniture. Having searched the patrons and found no contraband, the officers left without arresting anybody.

l Soweto, Gauteng (December 1): It emerged in court earlier this year that a 27-year-old Soweto TRT officer, Trevor Mbhalati, who was arrested for his alleged participation in a R160 000 robbery, also had a pending case of attempted murder. He allegedly shot Jose Dionesio who was riding a bike in Protea Glen on December 1, 2011. Mbhalati is out on bail and was recently seen back on duty.

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