Police condemn vigilante attacks in Diepsloot

Police condemn vigilante attacks in Diepsloot. Picture: Archives

Police condemn vigilante attacks in Diepsloot. Picture: Archives

Published Dec 3, 2023


Gauteng Police Commissioner Elias Mawela has condemned the vigilante attacks on suspected criminals that has resulted in the death of seven young men in Diepsloot.

On Saturday, Mawela told eNCA that the police were working around the clock to arrest those who were responsible for the killings.

Mawela said members of the community who want to fight crime cannot be allowed to take the matter into their own hands.

“If you are concerned about crime and want to assist the police to reduce the levels of crime, you can't fight crime by committing another crime. So, we condemn that incident in the strongest terms.

“We want to assure the families of the victims that we are going to work around the clock in searching for those who participated in the killing and burning of those youngsters who are accused of terrorising communities there,” Mawela said.

It is reported that community members beat up the victims suspected of conducting a reign of terror in Diepsloot.

According to EWN, the incident took place on Friday night, after an armed group chased a group of young men across the neighbourhood. The first five young men were caught and killed in extension 12, while two more were caught in extension 13.

Meanwhile, the Gauteng SAPS has reported that a multi-stakeholder operation in Marathon Informal Settlement in Primrose, Ekurhuleni, has resulted in a crackdown on illegal mining in the area following an outcry over the scourge and random shootings.

Provincial police spokesperson Colonel Mavela Masondo said during this operation, which started in the morning until late in the afternoon on Friday, that the team arrested more than 100 undocumented persons who were also suspected to be involved in illegal mining in the area.

“A number of places where they illegally process gold bearing material were raided and dismantled. A significant quantity of tools of trade that include gas cylinders, explosives, and generators were seized,” Masondo said.

The crackdown on illegal mining, which began in earnest this past week, comes after President Cyril Ramaphosa authorised the deployment of 3 300 army personnel to help combat illegal mining activities last month.

Masondo said that the Gauteng Provincial Commissioner Lieutenant General Elias Mawela had applauded the integrated force and urged the community to continue to report illegal activities, including illegal mining.

“The presence of the SANDF members and other law enforcement agencies is helping us a great deal as we continue to make inroads in the fight against illegal mining in our province,” said Mawela.

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