Pearl Thusi’s sheer top sets folk talking

Published Jun 13, 2023


Johannesburg - Everyone knows that Pearl Thusi not only speaks her mind but also wears whatever she wants to.

The media personality simply captioned the series of pictures, “reporting live from the epicentre of the tremor”.

“Is everyone okay?” she asked.

Thusi stepped out in the sheer black top, completely revealing her front and sparking conversations about nudity, while others were simply admiring it.

Popular podcaster Penuel, known to always share his views on social media, also weighed in on the outfit.

"This is Pearl Thusi’s body. She has agency and must dress however she wishes, within legal requirements. But I personally don’t approve of this. I think it’s a bad example for young, impressionable kids or girls. I don’t think it’s liberating. I think it promotes the cheapening of the female body in the eyes of most men. Pearl has done really well for her career, but I don’t approve of her current shenanigans,“ said Penuel

“If we don’t share our thoughts on such, the assumption will be that we all approve when many of us don’t. I wouldn’t be happy with my mother, sisters or daughters dressing like this. We’re not yet mentally liberated to be nude like this; most men see this as fishing for perverted attention and a desperate desire to trend by any means. With that said, again, Pearl can dress however she wishes, and she’s done really well in her career. End.”

Another user said: “Imagine if females in South Africa decided to dress like this? Showing off their boobs, trending because of some socialite. It’s disgusting, in my opinion! Nothing liberating of this, no modesty. We need to protect kids. WTF, man, every father’s nightmare.”

Meanwhile, Thusi and DJ Zinhle have been hanging out lately after speculations that their friendship was over. Both media personalities slammed the comments months ago when the rumours surfaced, revealing that they are doing just fine.

DJ Zinhle turned to her Twitter and commented, “Also. Y’all keep saying I don’t need to explain myself, so push the narrative that entertains you. I was never mean to Pearl. Not at all.”

Thusi also responded and highlighted that they had fun.

“I’m actually so confused. I thought it was obvious that you guys were busy, and I just decided to get out of the way. How it got to this point baffles me. Wild. That time we had so much,” said Thusi.

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