Pearl Thusi is not phased by social media noise about dance video

Published Sep 5, 2023


Johannesburg - Pearl Thusi says she will not be policed about her body after a pool of criticism about her dance video pushed her name to the top of social media trends.

Thusi shared various videos on Instagram while showing off a dance challenge on the poolside, seemingly jovial and in a rejuvenated mood.

The actress sparked mixed reactions on social media, something she later spoke about candidly on her Instagram stories.

Knowing her name would be among the hot topics, she said she was not tamed by the different views shared about her.

‘’I wonder when people will realise for as long as they try to police me, my body, my age, and me being a mother. For as long as that is happening, I will be doing what I am doing. Maybe the day you guys leave me alone, it will be less exciting for me to upset you guys. But what's not going to happen is me being policed on my own platforms whenever I decide to do something that makes me happy.’’

‘’And angshadanga nani, actually, on that point, the day I meet a man, I am Zulu, I am Christian. If my husband says, don't do this, I am willing to have a conversation with my husband, who paid lobola, who married me, and who takes care of me. Until that man, whoever he might be, if he is even out there, because he might not even be out there. That's the reality of life. I am not chasing marriage; I am not chasing companionship; I am chasing happiness, whatever form it comes in, because that's all I can control,’’ she said.

‘’Until that man says, 'Baby, leave this thing'. I would stop. Until then, no. And lastly, in conclusion, I love my body. I am so in love with my body, and I am going to enjoy it. I am going to show it off because I have worked so hard, and God did the damn thing. I am gorgeous; I really am, and I know it now. I didn't know it before, but maybe now I do. I want to turn 50, look at these videos, and say yeses, benginyisa. But until then, it is not happening, and I hope every body can find peace.’’

She recently made headlines when she stepped out in a sheer black top, completely revealing her front and sparking conversations about nudity.

Popular podcaster Penuel, who is known for always sharing his views on social media, also weighed in on the outfit.

‘’This is Pearl Thusi's body. She has agency and must dress however she wishes, within legal requirements.’’

‘’But I personally don't approve of this. I think it's a bad example for young, impressionable kids or girls. I don't think it's liberating. I think it promotes the cheapening of the female body in the eyes of most men. Pearl has done really well for her career, but I don't approve of her current shenanigans,’’ said Penuel.

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