Niehaus attacked after putting up EFF posters

Carl Niehaus. Picture: Karen Sandison Independent Newspapers

Carl Niehaus. Picture: Karen Sandison Independent Newspapers

Published May 21, 2024


EFF member and former ANC spokesperson, Carl Niehaus, says he was attacked just after finishing putting up party posters in Rosebank, Johannesburg, on Monday night.

Niehaus said he did not not know whether it was an attempted robbery or an intimidatory or revenge attack.

Niehaus told ‘The Star’ that he would open a criminal case on Tuesday.

He said the alleged attack happened after EFF members had left after putting up posters.

Carl Niehaus’s right hand is left bruised, bloody and broken after punching his assailant on the face. Pic | X/Twitter

“My assailant attacked me from the back and started punching and strangling me,” said Niehaus, adding that he had fought back to defend himself.

“I defended myself and counter punched him several times, while screaming loudly for help. Fortunately police from the Rosebank Police Station who heard my screams came running from the police station also shouting, and when my assailant saw them coming, he ran to a nearby getaway car, and sped off,” he said.

Niehaus said police tried to pursue the car, but his attacker managed to get away.

“I am glad that I managed to get a few solid counter punches into the face of my assailant, as a result the skin on the knuckles of my right hand is all bruised, bloody and broken. I am sure that wherever he is this morning, he is not feeling too well either!” said Niehaus.

He said he didn’t know if it was an attempted robbery or worse, an attempt to seriously injure or kill him because of his political persuasion.

Niehaus revealed that he had recently been receiving anonymous death threats on the phone and on social media.

“Be that as it may, I am just glad that I escaped from this ordeal without any serious injuries, although my chest and left hip are very painful, and I will have to get further medical treatment for those injuries this morning.

“If this was a politically motivated attack, I want to make it clear to whoever is responsible, that you will not succeed in scaring or intimidating me. All of this just makes me even more determined! I am a trained liberation soldier, and next time I will counter attack even more strongly, and rest assured that you will feel the punches even harder!” warned Niehaus.

“I am really grateful to the police officers at the Rosebank Police Station who came to my rescue, and I will return there this morning to thank them and to officially open a case. I was too upset last night to do so, and the officer in charge advised me to come back for a formal interview and statement this morning. In opening the case, I also want to establish what was captured on the street CCTV camera,” said Niehaus.

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