Lira reflects on the success of Bassline Fest after two years of recovery

Published May 27, 2024


Lerato '“Lira” Molapo, the award-winning songbird, is celebrating her performance at the Bassline Fest over the weekend, while her admirers continue to heap praises upon her.

Since her stroke, Molapo has overcome incredible obstacles to return to her passion and perform as a singer, and her recuperation has been remarkable.

The weekend performance was her first show with a full band after two years of recovery.

Lira was among the eagerly awaited headliners as Bassline celebrated 30 years, her return, and the showcase of the Dance Afrika line-up.

As she celebrated her performance, Lira’s fans too have been speaking fondly of her performance, saying her music was healing.

She took to X to express gratitude to those who have been rallying behind her, “Yesterday was epic. It was so special. I have worked consistently, doing a little bit every day. Last night, it all came together. I am in awe. Thank God. Thank you to all fans, and thanks to my band. Thank you, Bassline.”

The festival celebrated Africa Day at Constitution Hill on May 25 with stars such as Moroccan, UK-based artist Rita Kamale, Tanzania’s Kadilida, and Jay Mitta, among many others.

In addition, the recently introduced DanceAfrika stage featured reunions by DJ Sebb, Tamara Dey of South Africa, Shamiso and Si Noir, Samuel Miller of the UK, FiNE of Australia, and more.

DanceAfrika offers the SA Dance Space as a venue for DJs and electronic acts with an aim to create immersive dance music experiences.

Lesotho-born, South African resident Maleh was also on the Bassline Fest line-up. Maleh has over 20 years in the live music industry and her album, titled “Lerato Laka” was released in February 2022.

This recent body of work was produced by Nigerian-born artist Victor Ikeigbo, aka ‘Goldsmith on the Beat, and has expanded the artist’s market reach by brilliantly fusing the customary African drum patterns and raw basslines of West Africa with the smooth, soulful sounds and melodies that are distinct to Southern African music.