Family devastated by their father’s arrest

CCTV footage/ screenshot of the police and Jason Naidoo. Picture: Supplied

CCTV footage/ screenshot of the police and Jason Naidoo. Picture: Supplied

Published Jan 24, 2024


The Naidoo family was left in limbo when their father and husband, Jason, was arrested by the Wierda police at his office.

Nedelle Naidoo, the daughter of Jason, told The Star that her father was arrested at about 7.30am on January 19 by a group of people who claimed to be police officers.

“They didn’t show a warrant of arrest. They told him that the vehicle was in a hit-and-run then later they said it was in a heist. When we got to the police station, the investigating officer told us he was being arrested for fraud,” Nedelle said.

The visibly frustrated Nedelle said their lawyer told them that he also struggled to find what charges he was arrested for on the log for arrested people.

“They have not charged him as yet but are holding him in custody. The lawyers are waiting to see what he is being charged for as well. They are not logging it as yet.”

Jason’s wife, Roselyn Naidoo, described her husband as a loving and caring father and a community member.

“He is a respectable man in the community and this has never happened before. This is not a factual story for being arrested,” said Roselyn.

She continued to say everyone she tried to speak to at the station failed to give her satisfactory answers, only that he was charged with fraud.

“What is frustrating is that we were told that his car was involved in a hit-and-run, later it was a fraud, but what kind of fraudulent activities my husband engaged in we don’t know.

“When I pressed the investigating officer for answers, who did not want to tell me his name by the way, told me that we knew the reason,” the teary wife exclaimed.

“I am shocked as the only case we know of was with a building contractor which went to the High Court and we won that case. I don’t have any other records against my husband and my family.

“We are law-abiding South African citizens. My husband and I are currently in a stressful state,” she said.

An insider at the Wierda police station told The Star that Jason was charged with fraud.

“Jason was not arrested for hit-and-run. He was charged for fraud and this was communicated to his daughter and wife when they were here. There is no way that a person would be brought to the station without being charged,” the insider said.

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