Businessman tees off in style with black millionaires summit

Published Jun 9, 2023


Johannesburg - The invitational, is a “start-up friendly” gathering of affluent business people and small to medium sized entrepreneurs and start-up companies needing funding and support.

According to the self made millionaire, the post-Covid business environment has presented many opportunities for young entrepreneurs.

“We have been fast-tracked into a digital world. That world is faster, more energised and requires less attention to rented office space and unaffordable travels. You market audience is within reach, everyday. That means the funding models are changing and we as supporters of SMME’s are changing.

“We are constantly improved by young and dynamic approaches, the future belongs to you, it is the youth that must define how we can assist the shaping of that future,” Chuene told young entrepreneurs in a packed venue.

While his company, the multiple award winner "Lemac Group SA" is a black owned business capital and investment holding company founded in 1999, Lemac Group SA started its first operation by rendering business consulting and development services, and is now listed in 6 countries.

Lemac Group SA tapped into a market subjugated by colossal thespians that have been in the micro lending sphere for many years.

“As a consequence, mainstays of loyalties were created with all the clients, and that has played noteworthy roles in all business decisions we have ever had to make.

“With this effect we say Lemac Group SA became the root of many successful businesses in South Africa which to date we pride ourselves with.

“For us it’s simple, whether it's insurance, funeral policies, accounting services or logistics, we do it all, we do business. We’ll give you money to grow your business, but if you fail, we’ll take over the running of the business and turn it around. We have a team of knowledgeable accountants, marketers and business managers, that's how we roll” Chuene said.

Overall the event was also enjoyed by lovers and golf and wine. The best players of the day received trophies while networking continued into the night undeterred by load shedding.

Chuene has partnered with President Cyril Ramaphosa’s YES (Youth Employment Summit) and his companies have committed over 40 million rand towards economic recovery in recent SA investment conference.

Some of the awards won by Chuene and Lemac are:

The Oscars of South African Business - The 16th annual National Business Awards (SA) 2018 in the Fast Growth Category.

The most prestigious Business Excellence Award “THE BIZZ” by the World Confederation of Business (WORLDCOB) – America.

Nomination for International Diamond Prize for Excellence in Quality 2019 – the European Society for Quality Research (ESQR).

Nomination for International Diamond Prize for Excellence in Quality 2020 – the European Society for Quality Research (ESQR).

Inclusion in the Top 100 Register – Achievement Awards by the Achievements Forum for Excellence Across Business & Economy 2020, Brussels (Belgium)

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