TikTok adds AI image generator

TikTok has launched its own AI Image generator. Picture: File

TikTok has launched its own AI Image generator. Picture: File

Published Aug 17, 2022


TikTok now has an AI image generator.

The video-sharing platform now has an “AI greenscreen” that can turn text descriptions into abstract art – very similar to DALL-E by OpenAI, but producing less realistic images.

DALL-E – named after the Pixar character WALL-E – raised eyebrows about ethics and safety.

DALL-E 2's training data had to be filtered to remove violent and sexual imagery.

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Meanwhile, TikTok previously increased the age limit for those buying gifts on the app.

The Chinese-owned company announced that users under the age of 18 would no longer be able to buy or receive virtual gifts after it was criticised for allowing teenagers to spend money on their favourite influencers in a bid to get a “shout-out” from them.

TikTok increased the age for those who want to live-stream videos, as a safety feature.

It said in a statement: “Our updated policy will only allow those aged 18 and over to purchase, send, or receive virtual gifts.

“We are making these changes to foster a safe environment where users of all ages can enjoy a live stream without encountering misuse, such as any pressure to send virtual gifts.”

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