Logitech and Microsoft work together to create inclusive meeting experiences

Logitech and Microsoft are working together to create room solutions that work for any collaboration space or layout.

Logitech and Microsoft are working together to create room solutions that work for any collaboration space or layout.

Published Nov 4, 2022


Logitech and Microsoft are working together to foster inclusive meeting experiences for individuals and teams, alike. Logitech’s ecosystem of software, services and Microsoft Teams Rooms-certified hardware is easy to deploy at scale. Simple to use and manage, these products have been specifically designed to connect hybrid workspaces, seamlessly.

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Room to grow

Whether you have Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows or Android, you can create a room solution that works for any collaboration space or layout. Start with a Logitech Conference Cam and Tap Touch Controller, and enhance your space with Tap Scheduler, Scribe, and Swytch. Logitech enables its customers to switch and scale as their needs evolve.


Benefits of standardising your Microsoft Teams Rooms, no matter the size, include:

  • Efficient and productive meetings are what we are all after. Consistent user experience reduces employee training requirements and help-desk tickets for more efficient and productive meetings.
  • A single collaboration system across the communications environment provides a standardised integration platform, and scalable customisation to address different use cases for different user groups, rooms and sites.
  • Logitech Sync makes managing meeting rooms and Logitech devices easy and intuitive. Built on secure, cloud-based architecture, Sync helps you deploy and manage video conferencing at scale.
  • A uniform security and compliance framework enables an organisation to holistically satisfy organisational, industry and governmental security and compliance mandates.

“The reliability of Logitech solutions has helped many companies make progress in the world of digital and hybrid collaboration without disruptions, so employees can concentrate on what really matters,” said Joana Hedtrich, Logitech Brand Manager at Kathea.

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