Public Safety MMC Tshwaku calls out police commissioner

Police Commissioner Fannie Masemola called out for waging war between JMPD and SAPS and funeral of slain officer. File picture

Police Commissioner Fannie Masemola called out for waging war between JMPD and SAPS and funeral of slain officer. File picture

Published Apr 14, 2024


CITY of Johannesburg Public Safety MMC Dr Mgcini Tshwaku has called out Police Commissioner Fannie Masemola for allegedly saying that slain metro police were shooting at the police when killed.

Tshwaku took a swipe at the police commissioner during a visit to the home of the slain JMPD officer, LindaMthimkhulu on Friday.

While offering his condolences, Mgcini said: “We strongly condemn the statement made by Masemola, saying that JMPD officer, Linda Mthimkulu was shooting at SAPS. We find it reckless, divisive and an indication of lack of leadership from the National Commissioner.

“It is clear that he wants to cause tension between JMPD and SAPS. There have been strained relations already, and as a department we have tried by all means to mend these relations, but it's one step forward and two steps back.

“He needs to explain why the three SAPS officers have been charged with murder. He needs to explain the allegations of police brutality unleashed by his SAPS officer that day, where it is even alleged that his colleagues were reprimanding him,” said Mgcini.

He added that the National Commissioner should also explain the allegations made that officer Mthimkhulu and her uncle were beaten, and that a gun was pointed at her son.

“The National Commissioner pronounced on this matter without a thorough investigation and never met the family but has labelled their daughter as being the killer.”

Tshwaku mentioned that the JMPD was applying its mind on the matter and how they were going to work with SAPS going forward.

The MMC and JMPD leadership offered their condolences and pledged to update the family on the developments in the case, which Ipid was currently investigating.

“We are very aggrieved by this incident; we are going to follow up on the investigations and ensure that justice is served. The passing of officer Mthimkhulu will not be in vain. We will not rest until we get to the bottom of this issue,” said Tshwaku.

In honour of Mthimkhulu, Tshwaku said all officers would go to a venue and drive their cars to the office of the District and Provincial Commissioner to register their disappointment about the killing of the officer.

Mthimkhulu’s funeral was due to take place on Saturday morning at Mthombo Hall, Dobsonville Ext 3.

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