KLM Royal Dutch Airlines achieves close to 63 percent less food waste of flights through the use of AI

A flight attendant serves a meal on a KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. Picture: Supplied

A flight attendant serves a meal on a KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. Picture: Supplied

Published Feb 23, 2024


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines revealed that it has put artificial intelligence to good use and made sure that food wastage is a thing of the past on its aircrafts.

According to the carrier it has been able to achieve 63% less food waste based on the expected number of passengers per flight which amounts to a saving of more than 100,000 kg of meals on an annual basis.

KLM said that its AI programs enable it to better predict how many passengers who have booked will actually board a flight and allows the exact number of required meals to be calculated and served thus reducing food wastage.

“KLM is working on using artificial intelligence to determine the number of meals on board to help combat food waste. Not all bookings made result in a passenger on board a KLM aircraft.

“Depending on the class, between 3 and 5% of booked passengers do not show up (on time) for the flight,” highlighted the carrier.

Commenting on the achievement, Marjan Rintel, CEO and President of KLM, said that investments in digital technology are a priority for KLM.

“The application of artificial intelligence contributes enormously to improving our flight operations and making them more sustainable. Combatting food waste is a good example of this, resulting in tens of thousands fewer meals being wasted on our flights each year,” said Rintel.

According to KLM the latest AI model (TRAYS) is the first model specifically developed for it’s catering activities and was launched at the end of last year by Kickstart AI.

The initiative assembled talent from leading companies, including KLM, bol, Ahold Delhaize, NS and ING, to work on the development of this model.

Sander Stomph, the CEO en co-founder Kickstart AI, said they’re pleased that they have been able to make a valuable contribution to this important project for KLM.

“Our goal with Kickstart AI is to accelerate the adoption of AI in the Dutch business community and we look forward to working closely with Dutch companies to make this happen,” said Stomph.