WATCH: Video of brother confronting OnlyFans sister goes viral

Camilla Araujo and her brother. Picture: SCREENSHOT/YOUTUBE

Camilla Araujo and her brother. Picture: SCREENSHOT/YOUTUBE

Published Feb 22, 2024


A video has recently taken the internet by storm, showcasing an exchange between a brother and sister that quickly escalated into a heated discussion about education and online “careers”.

In the video posted on various social media platforms, Camilla Araujo, known for her presence on the adult entertainment platform “OnlyFans” and her appearance on MrBeast's YouTube Squid Game, engages in a conversation with her younger brother.

During the recent podcast segment, Araujo questioned her brother about whether she was a good sister, to which he humorously responded by claiming she was always mean to him.

The conversation took an unexpected turn when the brother brought up Araujo's OnlyFans account, questioning the significance of academic achievements in light of her online career.

To which she responded: “I’m mean to you when you fail your f**king classes, yeah!"

For anyone with siblings, it's no surprise that they can cut through the noise and speak bluntly when necessary.

The brother then fired back, pointing out that she's making money on OnlyFans, so criticising his grades doesn't make sense. He questioned the purpose of all her studying if she's now doing something completely different.

"You’re literally doing OnlyFans!' he fired back. "Your career is in OnlyFans. You can’t be talking sh*t. You’re selling pictures of whatever. You can’t be saying sh*t. All that studying was for what?"

Watching the exchange, you could see the moment of realisation dawn on Araujo's face as she came to terms with the truth of her brother's words.

@michaelhaile6371 commented: “Little man sat up straight when said that. He meant that from his soul. You can feel his hurt and embarrassment.”

@Steve_643 also commented: “You could see how bad that girl feels about herself when she got called out.”

@nickfr3353 wrote: “For a real brother that cares about his sister. It’s heartbreaking. Bro probably gets clown on by his friends.”

However, it seems lil bro changed his tune, and the two seem “okay”.


Does my brother reAlly like me?

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Sis claimed she could have become a doctor but she'd rather make money dressing up as one and selling photos or videos.


I think i turned out fine 🙄

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This clip promotes a skewed perception of success and prioritises instant gratification over long-term goals and education.

Ultimately, encouraging the belief that selling explicit content online is a good option instead of focusing on education and careers can keep harmful stereotypes going and hold young people back from reaching goals and growing.