Sip and shop: Why is this trend growing among local brands

Hermosa Flor sip and shop. Picture: Instagram.

Hermosa Flor sip and shop. Picture: Instagram.

Published Feb 5, 2024


The arrival of Covid-19 in 2020 changed many things, including how people socialise.

The pandemic helped us socialise effectively and learn how to multi-task.

One of the biggest trends to come post-pandemic is sip and shop, where most brands would invite people to their stores to shop as they indulge in a variety of beverages.

This trend is popular amongst big brands to allow their customers to engage with the owners.

Mbali Sebapu, the founder of Hermosa Flor Cosmetics, has joined this trend. Every now and then, she hosts a sip and shop so that her supporters can meet her in person, ask her questions, try out new products and shop for their essentials.

The sip and shop is also a great marketing tool for brands because it proves that you care for your customers.

That way, they feel appreciated and seen and will support you even further because you engage with them not just on social media, but through live interactions.

Sip and shop is also a great initiative for brands to launch new products at a low cost because you don’t have to book a venue. You do it at your store.

You don’t have to hire a catering company, you can order platters and offer canapés to your guests, serve them limited drinks, and make money because people actually shop.

David Tlale hosted a sip and shop it at his stores in Melrose Arch and Menlyn Mall, Pretoria, on Saturday.

So now that you know, shop designer clothes while you sip and network with like-minded fashionistas like yourself.