LOOK: Thebe Magugu partners with Canada Goose to present the Heirloom Mystique Parka

Thebe Magugu for Thebe Magugu x Canada Goose. Picture: Instagram.

Thebe Magugu for Thebe Magugu x Canada Goose. Picture: Instagram.

Published Jan 11, 2024


Thebetsile Magugu, one of the best international designers to come from South Africa, has done it again.

Since winning the LVMH Prize in 2019, Magugu has been unstoppable. In September, Thebe Magugu launched the heirloom project, which started with a shirt.

The African wax print shirt became a sensation, with celebrities wanting to own it- simply because it features photos of your loved ones chosen by you.

As a limited edition, it sold like hotcakes and those who didn’t get it mustn’t worry because Thebe Magugu has partnered with Canada Goose to present the Heirloom Mystique Parka.

The Thebe Magugu x Canada Goose Heirloom Mystique Parka.

For this range Magugu was inspired by his Sotho heritage, hence the vibrant Shweshwe prints on the parka.

“The Heirloom Mystique Parka’s starting point was an image of my uncle Teko Magugu in his youth looking incredibly regal in his blanket, pinned once on the shoulder and cascading down, enveloping his body.

“The blanket acts as a canvas for the abstract, celebratory print. I wanted to translate this into the Heirloom Mystique Parka, combining the heritage explored by the Thebe Magugu brand and the cutting-edge protective outerwear from Canada Goose,” said Magugu.

“The jacket is made from performance satin in two stylish colour options of Azure Blue and Messina Black. Alongside various sustainable fabrics, the design features a black scarf-inspired hood trim.

“In addition, the parka is enhanced with a luxurious Merino wool Heirloom Shawl Hood Trim, offering maximum protection in harsh environments. Use the interior backpack straps to comfortably carry it over your shoulders when temperatures rise.”

When it comes to celebrating his heritage and telling African stories through fashion, Magugu is in a league of his own.