LOOK: Boity Thulo took SA fashion to the Grammys

Boity Thulo in Thebe Magugu. Picture: Blaq Smith.

Boity Thulo in Thebe Magugu. Picture: Blaq Smith.

Published Feb 9, 2024


South African media personality Boity Thulo understood the assignment as the 66th Grammy awards guest.

When invited to an internationally prestigious event, it’s not just about you but where you come from. It is a known tradition that you are also representing your country, and it should reflect without any confusion.

At the African Grammy Nominee Brunch in Beverly Hills, California, Thulo donned a blue Thebe Magugu “Mother and Child” Batswana dress.

And since Thebe Magugu is an internationally acclaimed designer, every fashion lover at the event knew what Thulo was wearing.

Boity Thulo wearing the Thebe Magugu “Mother and Child” dress. Picture: Blaq Smith.

The dress is part of the Thebe Magugu “Mother and Child” series launched in June 2023 to pay tribute to South African mothers.

“The Batswana, like most African cultures, regard childbearing practises as integral to the welfare of the family or the ‘losika’ (a Batswana tribe) clan.

“Growth or multiplication of the latter is thus very important, hence all the precautionary practices that seek to enhance or protect the woman throughout all the stages of childbearing: from pregnancy, during labour and after delivery.

“These practices are handed down from generation to generation – usually by the women themselves – through oral tradition and experiential learning.

“In this instance, emphasis will be placed on the cultural practises related to both mother and child during the period after delivery of the baby,” read a statement from the Thebe Magugu brand.

What makes the choice of the dress so interesting is that Thulo is Tswana. And if she were to have a baby someday, as she once stated her wish to be a mother, she would follow the same practices explained by Magugu in the Batswana “Mother and Child” dress.

Thulo intentionally showcased South African fashion most simply ever, because at the Empire Grammy Party, she donned a black figure-hugging dress by Boss Lady, a Joburg-based fashion brand.

She took a dress that cost R800 and made it look luxurious on the international stage, and ladies and gentlemen, that’s how you do fashion.

Boity Thulo wearing Boss Lady. Picture: Blaq Smith.