Keeping up with the soccer fashion trend, The Manor launches Re Kaofela

Re Kaofela at The Manor. Picture: Instagram.

Re Kaofela at The Manor. Picture: Instagram.

Published Mar 13, 2024


Football fashion is on trend and, by the look of things, it’s here to stay for awhile.

Football gear is no longer reserved for football players, it has become a fashion staple for those who want to be edgy.

The Manor, a home for Africa’s greatest stories, has partnered with Kasi Flavour10- an organisation that celebrates South African Football Culture and local artist Blessing Rooi, to launch Re Kaofela.

“Re Kaofela is a Sesotho saying which translates to ‘we are together.’ The phrase shares the same values of ‘ubuntu’ — embodying the celebration of African identity, the artistic expression of the power of unity and shared passion, and South African heritage,” explains Trevor Stuurman, the founder of The Manor.

Stuurman is a photographer, fashionista and all-round artist who used his talents to launch a multimedia platform for artists like him to share African stories using their respective talents.

“When I look back, creating something like the Manor has always been about access because so much of my formative years as a photographer have always been about getting access.

“But at its heart, The Manor is about creating a table and not asking for a seat. A place for great African storytelling, no matter the medium or subject,” he told “Vogue”.

The Manor x Kasi Flavour10 and Blessing Rooi collaboration for Re Kaofela is currently hosting a limited pop-up edition for the month of March.

Those who wish to visit the space can do so between 9am and 5pm.