WATCH: Tyla reflects on viral ‘We friends though’ comment to Kai Cenat



Published Jun 14, 2024


Tyla is making waves for her undeniable stage presence to rocking a Kris Jenner hairstyle even better than the momager herself.

Her recent appearance on “The Breakfast Club” on June 13 added more fuel to the fire, especially when Charlamagne Tha God couldn't resist bringing up her viral moment with streamer, Kai Cenat.

In March, during a livestream with Cenat surrounding the release of Tyla's debut album, Kai, perhaps caught up in the moment or just being cheeky, asked Tyla out on a date.

Ever the quick-witted star, Tyla smoothly replied with a friendly "We friends, though," effectively placing him in the friend zone.

Little did she know, this casual comment would take on a life of its own in the following months, surfacing in various memes and even earning a humorous "we friends tho" sign from Kevin Hart during a sleepover stream with Druski.

During her interview with Charlamagne Tha God, Tyla couldn't help but laugh when the topic of the viral friend-zoning came up.

"Guys, the thing stretched," she laughed, trying to downplay the attention.

"Don't put me on the spot, guys. I'll embarrass myself,“ she said.

DJ Envy jumped in, curious if Tyla and Kai joked about the exchange.

Tyla revealed: "We don't really talk about it. We met in New York for the first time around New Year's. Then I went on the stream, and it actually was really fun."

While the interview touched on lighter moments, there were also serious topics. Charlamagne Tha God broached the subject of discussions around Tyla's identity as a "coloured person" from South Africa.

In a moment of discomfort, Tyla looked to her team for guidance, and her publicist swiftly redirected the conversation to another topic.