Sizwe Dhlomo trolled after making his first public apology over Ba2cada saga

Kaya 959 breakfast show host, Sizwe Dhlomo. Picture: Instagram

Kaya 959 breakfast show host, Sizwe Dhlomo. Picture: Instagram

Published Apr 17, 2024


Kaya 959 breakfast show host Sizwe Dhlomo recently shot up trends lists for making a public apology on social media platform, X.

Social media users trolled Dhlomo saying that it’s the first time he has ever publicly apologised to anyone.

What made matters worse was the reasoning behind the apology.

It all started when an X user asked Dhlomo whether it was legal for Lesedi FM presenter, Ba2cada, to have revealed his salary on an episode of MacG’s “Podcast and Chill”.

— MDN NEWS (@MDNnewss) April 16, 2024

Dhlomo responded: “I don’t even know who that is bro”.

Social media users were convinced that Dhlomo was lying about not knowing him and that he was just jealous.

@Sphoza_01 wrote: “Ur comment has jealousy in it, this is the same gut that's been on radio for over 15 years, that won awards against your friend Anele. O jealous abuti😫.”

@Tsepo00 wrote: “He's just some multiple award winning, legend in the making presenter, who is wiping the floor with you on radio I'm talking presenting skills, energy, numbers etc 😃.”

What followed next was a series of back and forth tweets where Dhlomo defending his initial response.

After many hours of trolling, Dhlomo decided to post an apology, which was not good enough for X users.

He wrote: “Anyway, shoutout @cadamgaga! I didn’t mean to disrespect you bro. I’m sure you’re a great guy. Apparently you once booked me for a gig at Macufe & we even spoke. Harde bro. Alikho elibi. 🙏🏽”

— Sizwe Dhlomo (@SizweDhlomo) April 16, 2024

When we thought that the twar had ended, trolls took it up a notch, dragging Dhlomo for delivering his first public apology while others were left in stitches over him apologising for not knowing a person.

@__monare commented: “Must’ve been hard for Sizwe to write this apology.”

— m o n a r e. (@__monare) April 16, 2024

@ChrisExcel102 wrote: “J Cole apologised and Sizwe Dhlomo apologised for the first time. The world is healing.”

@_mashesha wrote: “Are we really at a point where people have to apologize for not knowing certain people?”