Pearl Thusi trolled after second attempt at ‘Water’ dance challenge

Pearl Thusi. Picture: Instagram

Pearl Thusi. Picture: Instagram

Published Nov 8, 2023


Social media can be a vile place. If you do something right, they will “love” you, but if you do something wrong, you could be trolled for days, months or even years to come.

This week, actress and media personality Pearl Thusi faced the latter after posting a video of her second attempt at music sensation Tyla’s “Water” dance challenge.

Thusi tried the “Water” dance challenge in September when she was at a poolside in Barcelona, Spain.

She posted all seven attempts on her page and asked her followers for feedback on which one she should make her reel for the challenge.

After the post received mixed reactions, Thusi said, “I wonder when people will realise for as long as they try to police me, my body, my age, and me being a mother. For as long as that is happening, I will be doing what I am doing.

“Maybe the day you guys leave me alone, it will be less exciting for me to upset you guys. But what's not going to happen is me being policed on my own platforms whenever I decide to do something that makes me happy.’’

After watching her second attempt, X users went wild in the comments section.

“Mid life crisis is also dealing with her,” wrote @CozminoNtsomi.

@Sinelizwi_ wrote: “Jah no her body is bodying.”

@DRMaradonaMazwi went as far as to drag Thusi’s parents into the matter.

“Do her parents even get happy when they see their daughter doing such instead of their grandchild 🙄🙄🙄,” he wrote.

Lucky for Thusi, being in the entertainment industry has taught her to grow a thick skin.

After the trolling, she took to her Instagram Stories to post: “Guys, don’t worry about me. I never have any idea about what people say about me on Twitter. Additionally. I don’t care.”

The “Water” dance challenge made waves on TikTok after the release of Tyla’s “Water” music video a little more than a month ago.

The viral dance challenge was created by Tyla’s choreographer, Litchi.

So far it has amassed over 450 million views on the app and the song has been used in more than 500 000 videos on the app as people post themselves mimicking Tyla’s moves.