Pearl Thusi asks haters to redirect their energy to worldly issues

Pearl Thusi. Picture: Instagram

Pearl Thusi. Picture: Instagram

Published Nov 15, 2023


Actress and media personality Pearl Thusi has recently become the butt of many jokes on social media.

It seems like everything she posts online somehow turns into something bigger than it actually is, and she’s had enough.

Taking to her Instagram stories recently the “Queen Sono” actress called out her detractors, asking them to redirect their energy into focusing on worldly issues like the various wars around the world, instead of worrying about her.

“Guys there are actual wars happening on this planet, I’m hearing about Congo, I’m hearing about Sudan, there’s terrorists all over this planet, then you hear about the children in Gaza, people who were kidnapped in Israel.

“Then you hear about just children holding press conferences and begging for their lives, that is where our energy is actually meant to be right now,” she said.

She went on to say that she knows that people love making fun of her and hope to see her fall, but they should rather do something positive for the world and leave her out of it.

“Can you take that energy that you are directing to try and destroy me or anyone else you don’t like and direct it to building and helping other people.

“That is possible, you can actually do that and focus and concentrate on that and do something positive with your Twitter fingers and warrior keyboards.

“Go and do something good with your life, you can leave the rest of us out of it, let us make our mistakes,” Thusi added.

In a second Instagram story she said she sometimes spends most of the day letting concerned people know that she is fine and asked those writing about her and trolling her to act responsibly.

“We really need to be careful of sensationalising something that maybe is a mild joke ... We need to be careful because one day I would most likely really need support and nobody is going to take me seriously because I was fine the last time.

“It’s almost like I’m the girl who cried wolf or cried depression or cried fear for the sake of attention, that’s really concerning ... Can we please be careful because you could really be destroying someone’s support system ... And I am also going to be more careful,” she said.