Mike Tyson’s ulcer flare-up delays fight with Jake Paul

Jake Paul and Mike Tyson. Picture: X

Jake Paul and Mike Tyson. Picture: X

Published Jun 10, 2024


We’ve all been waiting for the ultimate showdown of the year: Jake Paul vs the legendary Mike Tyson. The planned fight had everyone’s tongues wagging.

Originally set for July 20, the fight was postponed after Tyson got hit with an ulcer flare-up during a flight from Miami to Los Angeles. Talk about bad timing.

The big clash between the former heavyweight champ, aged 57, and social media superstar, 27, has been rescheduled for November 15.

An official statement read: “...the recommendation is for Mike Tyson to do minimal to light training over the next few weeks and then return to full training with no limitations.”

Tyson added: “I want to thank my fans around the world for their support and understanding. Because of my ulcer flare-up, my doctor told me to lighten my training for a few weeks to rest and recover.

My body is in better shape than it has been since the 1990s, and I will be back to full training soon.”

This fight will be Tyson’s first professional match in nearly 20 years. While fans are excited to see him back in the ring, some are worried about his health.

Former champ Deontay Wilder didn’t hold back, saying: “I don’t want the last thing I remember of him is him getting knocked out by a YouTuber. The last thing you do is what people remember you by.”

The fight was viewed as a clash between two different worlds: traditional boxing (Tyson) and social media influencer boxing (Paul).

It’s also seen as a career move for both parties, allowing them to promote Tyson's legendary boxing legacy and Paul's influencer status.

However, fans are genuinely concerned about Tyson’s age and health, emphasising that not everything needs to be about showbiz or money.

@OfficialBAMTube commented on the announcement: “Please just let Tyson rest omg 🤦🏻‍♂️.”

— BAMTube (@OfficialBAMTube) June 7, 2024

@LisaCampbell102 commented: “I don’t want this fight to happen 😩🤦🏼‍♀️.”

@RoundHouseBet wrote: “Hype is gone. Just fighting an even older man now, with health issues.”

“Just cancel it, Jake should be ashamed to even consider this match anymore,“ @NathanMort2 wrote.

— NathanMorty ᴾᴹ ⚔️ (@NathanMort2) June 7, 2024