Fans call DJ Zinhle a ‘mean’ girl for saying Pearl Thusi begged to be her friend

Pearl Thusi and DJ Zinhle. Picture: Instagram.

Pearl Thusi and DJ Zinhle. Picture: Instagram.

Published Apr 15, 2024


Taking a shot at friendships is normal. If you meet a cool person you think: “Could be a great friend, why not?” The only problem with friendships is that, unlike relationships, their breakups are not straightforward.

You could be besties with someone one day and, the next day, you two are no longer friends. When that happens, you either confront the person or read between the lines.

South African musician DJ Zinhle has been trending lately because of her TikTok videos.

The most recent being one in which she spoke about how a certain family member or friend could decide to distance themselves from you and, instead of being sad about it, you secretly rejoice, realising they did you a favour.

Social media users put two and two together and insinuated that she may have been talking about her friend, Pearl Thusi.

The two were inseparable at some point and even lived together. These days, there seems to be a distance between them even though they work in the same industry. Zinhle seems to be close to Nomuzi Mabena and the squad, while Thusi is flying solo.

People assumed that there may be some bad blood between the two. It got worse when the gossip page, Maphephandaba, shared an old video of the pair sitting in bed and talking about their friendship.

In the video, Zinhle kept saying Thusi wanted to be her friend but she wasn't interested.

“You didn’t get close to me because of this Kiernan thing; you’ve been trying to get close to me for a long time, babe, just that I didn’t have time for you,” she said.

Watch the full video below:

— MDN NEWS (@MDNnewss) April 14, 2024

While Thusi quickly brushed it off with laughter and agreed that she did indeed try to befriend Zinhle several times, X users concluded that Zinhle oozes “mean girl” energy.

“Pearl is not my favourite person, but I can’t imagine having a friend like the one she did in real life 🥹 it’s giving ‘you begged to be in my life till I had no choice’. But ke (it’s) life I guess,” said @lerrykins_.

Others said Zinhle could’ve handled the situation better by not mentioning it like that in front of the cameras.

Some said social media folks were too sensitive to understand the banter between two friends.

“Pearl sees nothing wrong with what her friend said. Y'all love acting like banter doesn't exist. Banter comes from the truth, and it wouldn't be as funny if it didn't. DJ Zinhle is a great friend. Stop finding problems,” said @iamOmega_sa.

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