DJ Zinhle says she doesn’t want Mörda to stress about Valentine’s Day

DJ Zinhle and Mörda. Picture: Instagram

DJ Zinhle and Mörda. Picture: Instagram

Published Feb 14, 2024


Flowers, chocolates, cuddly teddy bears, diamonds and even pearls are some of the gifts women around the world are expected to receive today, Valentine’s Day.

However, South African award-winning DJ Zinhle Jiyane has admitted that she told her husband not to make a fuss over it this year.

Taking to her Instagram Stories she posted a video clip saying, “I’ve got my hot water and lemon and I’m about to get into my pilates, but let me tell you, Valentine’s Day is so stressful for men.

She continued to say that even though she doesn’t want Mörda to splurge because they have other plans that require the money, he is still extremely stressed.

“I told my husband not to stress about Valentine’s Day this year, because we are working on a big project and we need to save all the money... but, he’s stressed.”

The celebrity “it” couple recently made their way on to the cover the January-March 2024 issue of the iconic South African fashion, beauty, and lifestyle magazine, “True Love”.

In their interview, they spoke about modern-day parenting, their love being in the spotlight and how they are building their legacy.

Earlier this year, DJ Zinhle and Mörda showed off their #couplegoals as they took a lavish vacation in the exotic locale of Bali.

The couple's journey was marked by an array of leisure activities amid the island's picturesque settings.

The trip marked a positive start to the new year for the DJ.

Upon her return to SA she reflected on her upbeat mood and her anticipation for the good times ahead.