‘Bae Beyond Borders’ gives off ‘90 Day Fiancé’ vibes as it flirts with the idea of cross-cultural dating

The single ladies of ‘Bae Beyond Borders’ have fun choosing the one among a bevy of hot Nigerian suitors. Picture: Supplied

The single ladies of ‘Bae Beyond Borders’ have fun choosing the one among a bevy of hot Nigerian suitors. Picture: Supplied

Published Nov 10, 2023


Reality dating shows are a dime a dozen. Whether on streaming platforms or traditional TV, the options are endless.

I have my favourites, of course, as I refuse to allow myself to become ensnared by the genre because, like with others, there are great and terrible offerings.

Some are so banal that you can feel your brain cells diminishing by the minute. As such, I am selective with what I invest time in watching.

“Bae Beyond Borders”, which started streaming on Showmax in late October, offered an interesting enough premise to get me to stream the three episodes available so far.

It gives “90 Day Fiancé” vibes with its premise: Four gorgeous South African women are given their pick of 12 dashing Nigerian bachelors.

They first get to know each of them through an online speed dating process and then the ladies decide on eight.

From there, they meet the guys, go on two dates with the ones who caught their eye and then take the next step: move into a gorgeous villa in Cape Town to test their strength as a couple who can stand the test of time and weather their differences, culturally.

The voluptuous Zezethu Mniki, 34 and from Johannesburg, has a big personality and a booty to match. She’s confident and is looking for someone to sweep her off her feet.

Zezethu Mniki has two suitors fawning over her in ‘Bae Beyond Borders’. Picture: Supplied

She hints at wanting a strong man whom she can “willingly be submissive for” as she knows what she needs to bring to the table.

Make-up artist Vuvu Maseti, 30, gives off trophy wife vibes. She is stunning, loves the soft life and makes it clear to the potential suitors.

Having been single for several years, she makes it clear that she will hold on to her celibacy until she finds the one.

Malibongwe Gumede, 31, is a larger-than-life personality. The proudly Zulu babe, who loves to wear a bindi (traditional dot worn by Indians), is from Midrand. She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go out and get it.

Her personality, strong as it may be, isn’t as well embraced by all the gents.

Last but certainly not least, there is Nande Ramcwana, 24, from the Eastern Cape. A content creator and social media influencer, she knows how to pander to her audience.

She works her charm on the guys but not everyone is smitten by her striking features.

I’ve enjoyed the show. Every one of the women and their potential suitors comes in hot with strong personalities.

Some get a little cocky but when you have the looks to pull it off, it’s forgiveable.

Given the premise of the show, there is bound to be plenty of flirting, jealousy and heartbreak. But this is the reality of dating, you get the good, the bad and the ugly.

Overall, it would be great to see if these ladies walk away with a plus one. But I think they will have to first confront their own demons to get to that happy ending.