Africa’s first mute rapper, MC Baba, goes viral for his rap sound

MC Baba. Picture: Instagram

MC Baba. Picture: Instagram

Published Jun 6, 2024


MC Baba is breaking barriers with his unique rhythmic sounds known as deaf hop.

The rapper, who hails from the Democratic Republic of Congo, has gone viral on social media for a music video in which he uses unique rap sounds instead of words.

Watch video below:

MC Baba features on a song called “Oko Lela Epa Ya Nani” (Who will you cry for) by artist Paterne Maestro and produced by Farel X Makarezi Studios, which was released last month.

According to an online site, MC Baba’s career started in 2021 when he was a part of a duo called La Baseron. However, he decided to go solo in 2023.

The social media clip captured the attention of users garnering close to 10 million views in just one day.

While some users enjoyed the offering, others headed to to comments to spread hate.

@igniteivan wrote, “Seagulls watching someone go viral using their lyrics.”

@iMukuM1 commented, “No lie, MC baba is lit 😂.”

@HopeRemy said: “The more I watch this the more annoyance I have. This guy has friends encouraging him o. Ahh.”

— Hillary Remy (@HopeRemy) June 5, 2024

Meanwhile, @KhadijaGarba19 commented about how easy it has become for anyone to put out a song, “I love how this generation has it easy when it comes to music. 😆

“Whether you have it in you or you don't have it in you, the moment you enter studio record, then drop video later, there's a market & fandom waiting for you. 😂 Generation Z are really cashing out on globalization & social media. 👏.”

— Duchess_Beeyah🖤🤍 (@KhadijaGarba19) June 5, 2024

Watch the full song here.