“I said it before and I will say it again, it's one of my favourite places to go to and perform”- British musician Zack Knight on SA and its fans.

British musician Zack Knight

British musician Zack Knight

Published Dec 2, 2023


British-Pakistani singer-songwriter Zack Knight is a huge fan of South Africa and his South African fans.

The hit singer who will be performing in an exclusive show in South Africa at the Theatre of Marcellus, Emperors Palace on December 9, says he cannot wait to touch down and connect with his fans in South Africa again.

“I’m definitely excited to come back to South Africa,” Knight told the Saturday Star this week.

“I said it before and I will say it again, it's one of my favourite places to go to and perform.”

“Especially the music I make, I infuse dance hall, R&B and Indian music and I feel like the audience really appreciate that kind of music and the mix between them, so yeah I really enjoy it.”

“And every time I perform, I feel like I connect with people from South Africa more than anyone I ever have in the world.”

The musician, who has more than 800 million YouTube views for songs such as Bom Diggy, Galtiyan and Enemy, will be singing fan favourites and releasing some of his new material for his exclusive show.

It will be his third visit to the country, having previously visited last year and the year before.

His exclusive show is being organised by Blu Blood as well as JNR (Just No Reason).

“I was in South Africa last year and I was there the year before that.”

“I’m terrified of heights actually and went into one of the mountains on a cable car and it was incredibly scary. It was the thing I remembered most about my trip last time around,” he says with a chuckle.

“I also remembered the amount of noise they make in South Africa, especially in Johannesburg. My ears were ringing for some time.”

He says performing before his South African fans has been memorable.

“It’s one of the most exhilarating experiences.”

“Blu Blood and JNR do a fantastic job of putting up amazing shows at large arenas and have great lighting and sound, and that definitely helps the show a lot.”

British musician Zack Knight

“Obviously there’s the live element, but then there's the energy that comes with a Blu Blood show. Props to all those involved in making these shows happen at such a high level. There is a lot to expect from the show for sure.”

He says his South African fans are in for a treat.

“ This time it's going to be a little different from the last show because I will be doing a few mash-ups and a few remixes of my own songs.”

“Instead of remixing other people’s songs, I will be remixing my own songs live on the spot with my new DJ.

“It is a completely different show than anyone has ever seen before. I’ll be performing different versions of the same songs that fans love so much.”

“ I have never done this for any show in the world. It is the first time I’ve ever done different versions of my songs in one live mash-up.”

“ So it is something to watch out for. It is a new era for me. I am dropping a brand new album shortly and coming back with a huge bang. This show is the start of a new kind of time for me and what I have coming.”

British musician Zack Knight

Knight says he was also looking forward to enjoying his time in Johannesburg, having never gotten the opportunity to explore the city properly.

“I haven't seen much of Johannesburg but I'd like to explore more of the town and meet more people.”

“Like just to do a little tour, eat the food, experience more culture. That's the next step for me now.”

“It’s not just about connecting with the audience but getting to know their families, their uncles and aunties, their moms and dads.”

“Understanding what it's like to live in such a beautiful country. I would love to get to know more about the culture and it certainly helps connecting with the audience and getting to know them on a personal level.”

Knight also shared the secret to his success and of becoming one of the most influential modern day Indian singers in the world.

“My secret to success, other than the usual focus and determination and hard work, is enjoying what I do.

“If you enjoy what you do, it will never feel like you have worked in your life. Also , if you are enjoying what you are doing, it motivates you to keep going and never give up.”

Asked if there were any South Africans he would consider collaborating with, Knight says: “ Sadly I haven't come across anyone from South Africa, but I’d definitely be open to meeting with and really just working with someone locally, especially since I will have been here three times, it only make sense for me to work with someone from South Africa itself.”

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