A look into singer Tyla's influence and rise to success

Tyla. Picture: Supplied

Tyla. Picture: Supplied

Published Dec 2, 2023


Tyla’s rise to stardom has been something to marvel at, particularly for millions of her fans who continue to support her.

The past few months have been centred around significant milestones for the star, including going on acclaimed shows in the USA and gracing major international stages.

The 21-year-old, born Tyla Seethal hailing from Johannesburg introduced herself with her much-followed song ‘Getting Late’ and has since become a force to be reckoned with.

It wasn't long after the release of her latest hit song, “Water” that she got a nod at the Grammy Awards.

This major recognition happened after the opening of the internationally acclaimed American star Chris Brown for his London tour.

It was recently revealed that “Water” broke the record for the highest-charting Solo Song by An African female artist on the Billboard Hot 100 & in 56 years.

The star was nominated alongside local artist, Musa Keys for an acclaimed Grammy Award.

Among many highlights this year, Tyla was also named the Spotify Radar programme EQUAL Africa ambassador.

Speaking about the programme she said, “Yo, the opportunities that I've been given, like billboards and a documentary that's coming out soon. I'm excited about it! My whole family was in it. They keep asking me every day, "When can we watch the video? When can we watch the video?" I'm just so happy that Spotify was able to do this for me because, I mean, it's a huge opportunity. And yeah, I'm excited to see how much further we can go with it.”

Tyla has been a force in the music world since her big break in 2019 and has been guided by her desire to leave a mark.

She says she was pleasantly surprised when her first track, "Getting Late," resonated with people around the world: “I was like, ‘Why? Okay, this is cool.’ I feel the dancing, the song, the music video. I feel like it just made a whole package for everyone to consume, and then they just loved it, I guess.”

The music star also made a thrilling announcement about the release of her three songs expressing the overwhelming support and love she has been receiving globally.

“Everything that's happening has surpassed anything I could have dreamt of. African music is going global and I'm so blessed to be one of the artists pushing the culture. I've been working on my sound for 2 years now and I'm so ready for the world to hear it. The 'TYLA' PRE-SAVE is now live + 3 new songs for you to eat till the album debuts. I cannot wait for the world to experience an African pop star. Go wild, Tygers.” she said.

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