New IOL Property portal will meet modern buying, selling needs

A new property portal has been launched in South Africa.

A new property portal has been launched in South Africa.

Published Jul 21, 2023


The ongoing rise of Proptech has changed the way people buy and sell properties, and so a fresh South African property portal has been launched to meet the new demands.

IOL Property users will now be greeted by a brand new website that has been designed and equipped to keep pace with the demands of the modern digital landscape.

Finding the right technology stack to invest in for compatibility with rapidly evolving proptech has been a journey spanning several years, says IOL Property chief executive Carolyn Savage.

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“It was imperative to leverage a more contemporary and compatible tech stack. The dynamic nature of the proptech industry necessitated careful consideration and exploration of various technological options.”

Throughout this process, the developers sought to identify a tech stack that would meet the website’s current needs and provide a solid foundation for future growth and adaptation. The ultimate highlight of the new portal is its ability to meet the needs of both buyers and sellers.

“Our commitment to providing real-time updates and same-day import stems from our understanding of the competitive nature of the real estate market. Agents must be agile and responsive in presenting their properties to potential clients, and any delay can result in missed opportunities.

“We recognise that agents rely on our platform to reach their target audience efficiently, and we strive to provide them with the necessary tools to succeed.”

In addition, IOL Property is the only portal to offer a press office. Real estate agents and agencies, as well as public relations companies, can subscribe to the press office for R225 per month. This will allow them to upload six articles each month.

Another feature which sets this portal apart from others in South Africa is its pricing, Savage says.

“We strive to provide competitive pricing and ensure that advertisers receive excellent value for their advertising investment. We firmly believe in delivering value for every advertising rand spent on our portal.”

But the website goes beyond merely offering advertising space by providing a comprehensive suite of features and tools that enhance the effectiveness of advertisements. This includes advanced targeting options to a highly engaged and relevant audience, such as IOL readers, in order to keep them up to date with news and insights.

Furthermore, IOL Property’s enhanced lead generation capabilities will provide agents with a robust platform to attract and capture high-quality leads, she states.

“We aim to maximise lead conversion rates and facilitate meaningful connections between agents and potential clients through advanced targeting options, improved lead capture forms, and seamless integration with customer relationship management (CRM) tools.

“We also recognise the importance of comprehensive site statistics and performance reports. Our upgraded analytics platform will offer detailed insights into website traffic, user behaviour, and engagement metrics.”

Savage explains that agents will have access to real-time data that enables them to assess their listings' performance, evaluate their marketing strategies' effectiveness, and make informed decisions to optimise their online presence. These analytics tools will empower agents with actionable intelligence, allowing them to adapt and refine their approaches based on measurable results.

In yet another offering, agents’ visibility and credibility will be enhanced through upgraded profiles that showcase their expertise, achievements, and listings in a visually appealing and informative manner. Agents can personalise their profiles, highlight their unique selling points, and differentiate themselves in the competitive real estate market.

“By elevating agent profiles, we aim to strengthen their brand presence, instill confidence in potential clients, and drive more leads and business opportunities.”

For buyers, the new IOL Property portal allows them to access the latest available listings as soon as agents upload them. This immediacy enables them to stay on top of the market, be among the first to explore new properties, and make informed decisions based on the most current information.

“By eliminating the 24-hour delay to updates, we empower buyers to act swiftly, increasing their chances of securing the properties they desire in a highly competitive market,” Savage notes.

As a surge in visitor traffic is anticipated on launch, the IOL Property servers will undergo a scaling process to accommodate the increased demand. This scaling procedure, Savage says, is essential to maintain a smooth user experience and prevent any potential issues caused by overwhelming traffic.

“During this scaling and balancing phase, a waiting room may be implemented, depending on the number of visitors accessing the website simultaneously. The waiting room serves as a means to manage the flow of traffic and prevent server overload. It allows us to prioritise user experience by ensuring that each visitor can access the website in an orderly and efficient manner.”

She emphasises, however, that the waiting room is a temporary measure to maintain the stability and performance of the website during peak periods.

Visit the new IOL Property portal here.