Man makes a run for it after woman slurps up 48 oysters on first date

A woman was forced to pay for her bill after eating oysters worth R3200 on the first date. Picture: Supplied

A woman was forced to pay for her bill after eating oysters worth R3200 on the first date. Picture: Supplied

Published Oct 15, 2023


In an unexpected turn of events, a first date between an American woman and her companion took a costly twist as she devoured an astonishing 48 oysters, two crab cakes, a side of sweet potatoes and drinks expecting her date to foot the $200 (R3,800) bill.

The video, which has since amassed over 3.4 million views on Tiktok shows the woman with the username @equanaaa, recording herself, flash on, indulging quite vociferously in the seafood feast while her date looks on in disbelief.

The woman proceeded to record her entire dining experience, adding in the fact that her date had gone to the restroom and not returned.

At the end of the video, the woman shows a bill amounting to $184.87 (about R3,500) with a $15.13 (about R285) tip totalling $200 (about R3,800).

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The man, who had initially planned for a casual evening over drinks, ordered just one beverage before deciding to make a swift exit.

Later, when questioned via text about his abrupt departure, he revealed that he had no intention of footing the bill for the extensive array of food and drinks she had ordered.

However, he later agreed to cover the cost of the drinks.

The woman found herself settling the hefty bill alone as her date made a hasty exit.

This unforeseen financial burden added another layer to the peculiar situation and fuelled discussions on social media about dining etiquette and the expectations surrounding shared expenses on a first date.

While the debate over who should pay on a first date continues, this peculiar situation has sparked discussions on social media about dining etiquette and expectations.

Additionally, it raises questions about the appropriate quantity of oysters one should consume in a single sitting.

TikTok users were not impressed with @yagurlbubblez commenting: “I’m happy he left to be honest because sitting across from you probably was an awful sight.”

User @angizee commented: “He has the best “tell me about your worst date experience,” with Julie Davon commenting “Imagine listening to someone slurp 48 oysters.”

Health experts on the HealthLine website, a health and medicine website, have cautioned against the overindulgence in oysters due to potential risks associated with consuming large quantities.

Beyond the financial repercussions of such a feast, experts highlight concerns about foodborne illnesses and excessive intake of certain minerals present in oysters.

This unusual dining debacle serves as a reminder that communication and mutual understanding are crucial aspects of any first date, helping to avoid unexpected surprises and ensuring a more enjoyable experience for both parties involved.

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