‘I have never seen such a thing’: Tongaat resident describes destruction after devastating tornado and floods



Published Jun 5, 2024


By Thobeka Mthembu

The floods in Tongaat have left behind a trail of destruction and despair. The destroyed houses and the 11 reported deaths have caused immense suffering for the affected families.

The floods, which took place on Monday, June 3, amidst heavy rainfall, reportedly preceded a tornado that inflicted significant damage as well.

The floods caused widespread damage to the houses and many people lost everything they owned, including their personal belongings.

One of the victims, Fisoul Bangene, shared his pain on Facebook.

“The things I always see on television, I saw them live today, many people were injured and for those who died I am not sure. I am only left with the things I am wearing and as for my ID, I do not know where it is.

“I have never seen such a thing and everyone lost their important belongings because the walls of the houses collapsed on top of everything important.

“And as for the roofs, we do not know where they have gone, even the road is blocked by everything that was blown by the storm.”

The floods had a profound effect on the lives of the residents of Tongaat.

Bangene also shared a video where he explains that he does not know where his house vanished to.

The eThekwini municipality issued a statement indicating that seven fatalities and 54 injuries had been reported, with approximately 150 individuals displaced in the Magwaveni area.

The municipality later provided an update, stating that three temporary shelters had been set up and that individuals were receiving treatment in health facilities. Disaster teams are actively responding with various relief supplies, clearing debris from roads, and working to restore water and electricity supply.

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