WATCH: KZN travel mom’s hilarious dodging potholes video to the tune of Super Mario Bros goes viral

Published Oct 10, 2022


Durban – A KwaZulu-Natal mother's video showing vehicles dodging potholes has gone viral with South Africans doing what we are famous for – laughing at our pain.

Amy-Lee Theron and her family were driving along the R26 from Ficksburg towards Fouriesburg in the Free State when she whipped out her phone and pressed record. Her adding the Super Marios theme song to the vid makes it super hilarious when you think about it!

Theron, a travel enthusiast who manages the Travelling With the Therons social media accounts, said she and her family had taken a quick four-day, four-province trip from Durban to the Eastern Cape and stopped over at several places in the Western Cape before driving to the Northern Cape and heading back home.

“This is how South Africans play dodgems,” says Theron while her family giggles in the background.

“Look at the cars in front of us. We are dodging potholes for our lives because it is safer to drive on the opposite side of the road than it is to hit a pothole,” she adds.

“Don't ever say South Africa doesn't bring you entertainment,” Theron jokes while pointing out a truck driving on the wrong side of the road, where there are no potholes.

Theron said she did not expect the video to go viral.

“Its popularity was quite unexpected. Myself and my family are avid road trippers and love hitting the road to explore SA. Although most people would be upset by the potholes, we chose to find the joy and positivity in it by having a good laugh at the time,” she said.

Theron said that after the recent tough times South Africans had experienced, she and her family decided to travel through the country to review fun places for people to visit.

“My family and I are based in KZN where Covid, the looting and floods affected small businesses really badly. That got us thinking of ways that we could help and we decided to review places, not only in KZN, but across the country, to get people off of their couches and spending money in their own country, instead of wanting to go overseas for a great experience,” she said.