Scrap BEE! Herman Mashaba’s ActionSA says Inclusive Economic Empowerment for all

Action SA president Herman Mashaba. Picture: Phando Jikelo / Independent Newspapers

Action SA president Herman Mashaba. Picture: Phando Jikelo / Independent Newspapers

Published May 15, 2024


ActionSA, led by Herman Mashaba, is advocating for a significant change in South Africa's economic empowerment policies.

In a recent interview with Ray White on 702, Mashaba outlined their plan for Inclusive Economic Empowerment (IEE), aiming to replace the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) policy.

This change is significant because it aims to target the underlying causes of economic exclusion, rather than just its symptoms.

"In simple terms, we want people that remain excluded from economic activity to finally have the opportunity to achieve prosperity however they may define it," said Mashaba, emphasising the core principle of their IEE approach.

Pieter Scribante, who speaks for ActionSA about economic matters, agreed with Mashaba, saying: "IEE is not about playing with scores, but helping communities with what they need to do well."

The foundation of ActionSA's IEE plan is the creation of the Opportunity Fund, an innovative initiative designed to remove obstacles to economic empowerment.

"The Opportunity Fund will belong to the people of South Africa and be managed for the benefit of South Africans.

“Anyone trying to benefit unduly from the fund will be met with the full force of the law," emphasised Mashaba, underlining the fund's commitment to transparency and accountability.

"To fund these ambitious plans, we will introduce a tax on private sector profits, but exempt SMMEs from this tax," explained Scribante, highlighting the innovative funding mechanisms proposed by ActionSA.

In addition to the Opportunity Fund, ActionSA plans to introduce a Universal Basic Income Stimulus (UBIS) programme, aimed at providing financial support to all South Africans.

"The Universal Basic Income Stimulus is not our attempt to win votes. It is our commitment to ensuring that every South African has the financial resources to contribute to and benefit from our growing economy," said Scribante.

Addressing employment equity reform, Mashaba stated: "We want to create a labour market that is more inclusive and absorbs more people, especially young people," outlining measures to incentivise employment and combat workplace discrimination.

"Spatial justice and social cohesion are also central to ActionSA's vision," remarked Scribante, highlighting plans to address housing inequalities, improve public transport networks, and promote collaborative partnerships across sectors.

ActionSA's vision for inclusive economic empowerment represents a bold step towards building a more fair and prosperous South Africa.

With a commitment to transparency, accountability, and grassroots empowerment, ActionSA seeks to transform their vision into reality, fostering a future where economic empowerment is truly inclusive and accessible to all.