EFF calls for the removal of DA MP Ronaldo Gouws over racist and homophobic remarks

Published Jun 19, 2024


By Wendy Dondolo

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have issued a strong condemnation of Democratic Alliance (DA) Member of Parliament (MP) Ronaldo Gouws, accusing him of making racist and homophobic remarks in various public videos.

The statement, released on Tuesday, demands his immediate removal from Parliament and calls for a broader reassessment of racist attitudes within South African politics.

According to the EFF, Gouws has “built his reputation over the past few years on stoking racial hatred towards Africans” and has been a vocal proponent of what the party describes as “fake news around the so-called farm murders”.

His recent videos reportedly include derogatory remarks about HIV positive people, the LGBTQI community, and affirmative action policies, as well as belittling comments about the African continent, it says.

“Ronaldo Gouws has waged a vicious attack against Mama Joy, a well-known sports supporter, even calling her a prostitute. His offensive and divisive videos are not just personal attacks; they threaten the very fabric of our democratic society,” national spokesperson for the EFF, Leigh-Ann Mathys, said.

The statement further argues that figures like Gouws have found political asylum within the DA, leveraging the party as a platform to legitimise their views, which the EFF claims contributes to the broader issue of systemic racism in South Africa.

“While the EFF supports the nationwide calls for Gouws to be removed as a Member of Parliament, we are aware that his removal will not dent the DA’s quest to defend the gains of colonialism and apartheid,” the statement reads.

The EFF plans to submit a formal complaint to the Speaker of the National Assembly to investigate Gouws’ ethical conduct. This action underscores the ongoing political tension between the EFF and other major South African parties, reflecting deep divisions on issues of race, legacy, and the path towards genuine equality.

This incident and the EFF’s forceful response highlight the volatile nature of South African politics, where the past’s shadows continue to influence the present struggles for justice and equity.